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African Vegan Peanut Soup

Having a Ghanian background, peanut soup was always a staple meal growing up. My mother used to make this thick soup with all kinds of meats and seafood. Since becoming vegan, it’s been a meal that I’ve missed dearly. So I decided to take it upon myself to make an African Vegan Peanut Soup recipe which is just as delicious as my mums original! / Read More »

what it's like to be vegan

Veganism has been a transformational journey for me. A journey about compassion and also a journey about pain. It still hurts me so deeply to see all of the suffering in the world. At the same time, it warms my heart that people are becoming more open to this lifestyle and saving animals as a result.

Besides this friction between pain and joy, they’ve been some other big learnings since I became vegan almost three years ago.

In this post I’ll be sharing my honest experiences and lessons of what it’s like to be vegan.

This is not a post about glorifying veganism. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think many vegans are so focused of putting themselves in the best light in an attempt to inspire others to make the change. I get it. This very blog is a prime example of that.

However, there’s also value in absolute honesty in what it’s really like to live a vegan lifestyle. It’s refreshing to see the challenges and what you could potentially expect.

So without further ado, here are my top 6 honest experiences of what it’s like to be vegan. / Read More »

Spiced Carrot & Millet Salad

Vegan Spiced Carrot Salad with Millet

This year, it has been such a hot summer. I have really started to feel the heat and haven’t been spending too much time in the kitchen as a result. Just the thought of creating more heat by using the stove or oven, puts me off. Anyone else feel that? But I’m not one for too much raw food so it has to be done. I generally find that I get sick of certain meals quickly if I eat them too often but the last month or so I’ve probably had the same handful of meals every day. Like most mornings I would make gluten-free pancakes with blueberries and any other fruit I would have around. Dinners have been mainly roast potatoes/veg with a big salad, quick stir fries or vegan “bone” broth soup. Yes, I’m having soup in summer. Crazy, I know.

I finally felt like experimenting with millet as I’ve been told for years it’s good for you and that it would probably agree with me more than other grains. But the only way that I’ve cooked it before was a porridge. So naturally I thought that it was mainly used for sweet recipes. / Read More »


Note: this is a guest post by Adriana Pope, a full-time vegan traveler & smoothie aficionado. She is also the creator of the first 100% vegan restaurant review website Veg Nomad. Adriana has been trekking throughout all of Southeast Asia with her husband Nathan in search of the very best vegan food for two years.

Trying to stay healthy while traveling is actually more challenging than it might seem. Most people equate traveling with indulgence. Often times over-eating, binge drinking and not getting enough exercise are normative behaviours when taking that much-needed vacation. In a study conducted by British Medical Journal, they concluded that both men and women could increase their longevity up to 5 years by incorporating healthy eating and exercise into their daily routine.

In this article, I’ll share with you my top tips & tricks for staying healthy while traveling. Whether you’re taking a two week backpacking trip through Southeast Asia or living long-term in a far away country as a digital nomad, all of these recommendations will help you kickstart and continue a healthy lifestyle while traveling. / Read More »

Minimalist Health: A Walk in the Park

As a society, we are commodifying health. It’s all about the size of your biceps, and how many animals you eat to grow them. Not, as it should be, about how great you feel. With the industry becoming ever more saturated, it’s getting harder to filter out the wheat from the chaff. So, my question is, in this growing world of carbless diets, do you struggle to separate the signal from the noise? Do you wish for something simple, that you can trust? Well, I’ve got a treat for you. Once we’re done here, you’ll be ready to take your first steps to better health, the minimalist way. / Read More »