A Must Listen To Podcast For Vegans

A Must Listen To Podcast For Vegans

Do you know when you come across something and you think, “finally, this is what I’ve been looking for!” That’s the way we felt when we first listened to the Food For Thought Podcast after our friend Suzanna Brusikiewicz recommended it to us. This is a podcast for vegans and those who are curious about the lifestyle.

No matter where you are on your vegan journey, there is an episode for you. Maybe you want to build confidence in how to respond to people when they ask you why you’re vegan? Or maybe you want to know the origins of the vegan lifestyle? Whatever it is, it’s most likely been addressed on this show. 

The show is hosted by author, speaker and vegan educator Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Colleen releases a new episode fortnightly on a Sunday and she covers a range of vegan related topics that are applicable to those who strive to live a compassionate lifestyle.

What we like about Colleen’s style is her conviction and her ability to challenge the status quo and debunk common myths associated with veganism.

We were fortunate enough to listen to dozens of episodes when we were commuting around Europe last year and we would like to share five of our favourite episodes so far.

  1. Vegan Weddings: How Dare You Reflect Who You Are on Your Special Day – Colleen dives into the internal battles newly engaged vegan couples go through as they try to plan a wedding that aligns with their core values. With our wedding around the corner, it’s only fitting that we share this episode.
  2. Masculinity and Meat: Re-Defining What Makes a “Real Man” – In this episode, Colleen discusses common misconceptions that eating meat is masculine whilst being vegetarian or vegan is more feminine.
  3. The Shearing of Sheep – We often get asked, “I understand why you don’t eat meat, but why don’t you wear wool? I mean the sheep need to be sheared anyway, right?” This is a good question and we used to think the same way. Colleen dissects the role sheep have been playing in human lives.
  4. Responses to ‘I’m Vegan’ and How to Reply – The statement, “I’m Vegan” inspires so many interesting reactions. In this episode Colleen, gives specific examples of how you can respond confidently in such situations.
  5. The Shame of Overweight Vegans – There’s this idea out there that if you’re vegan, you should be in fantastic shape. This mindset can put a lot of pressure on vegans to try to prove that eating plant-based foods will result in optimal health and weight loss. This simply isn’t true. We always tell our friends that this is not the case as you can still eat an unhealthy vegan diet. Furthermore, everyone’s body is unique. Colleen drops some wisdom bombs as she responds to a listener question.

A Podcast For Vegans

These are just a handful of episodes from the amazing Food For Thought Podcast. Colleen just celebrated her 10 year anniversary of the show, so you can imagine how many episodes have been published.

One thing I would like to point out is that there’s sometimes too much self-promotion at the beginning of each episode. Don’t get me wrong, what Colleen promotes is for a great cause but just be mindful of that incase you get put off from finishing an episode. You can always skip through if it really bothers you. It’s definitely worth it!

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with Colleen, we just respect the quality of her content and thought it would be useful.

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