What It Means To Breathe

What it means to breathe

I’m currently participating in the Peace Education Program (PEP), and six weeks in, it’s been a transformational experience.

As described on their website, the purpose of the PEP is to help participants discover their inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace.

PEP, founded by Prem Rawat, a life teacher that Maša and her family have been learning from for decades. Prem is exceptionally talented and has spread the message of peace from a very young age.

If there’s one thing I will take away from my learnings, it’s to express gratitude through the breath.

As Prem so eloquently describes in the program, “when you are first born, everyone is waiting for you to do one thing, breathe. Breathing shows that you are alive. Therefore we should be grateful for the simple act of inhaling and exhaling.”

I’ve always struggled with the idea of gratitude, looking to express it from a materialistic standpoint.

“I’m grateful, to have a roof over my head”.

“I’m grateful to have a loving family”.

“I’m grateful to be alive”.

All of the above affirmations should be celebrated. But for some reason, they weren’t resonating with me.

But the concept of breathing is powerful. It’s specific, and it’s present. Always present. Breathing is something you shouldn’t take for granted. Without it, we do not exist. I know this well after watching my father pass away in hospital last year.

In between being alive and passing, it was his breath that changed. It was the breath that the medical team was trying to control.

It is the breath that keeps us alive. Simple as that.

So take a moment right now, and celebrate the fact that you can breathe.

Inhale, exhale, then repeat, “I’m grateful for this breath.”

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2 thoughts on “What It Means To Breathe”

  1. Hi Michael,
    What a peaceful post. I find it particularly helpful for me because I find myself holding my breath as I go about my day. This is the result of some trauma in my life that I have mostly dealt with and faced over the last five years. But, I need to learn how to breathe again. Who are we without our breath?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Anne,
      It’s easy to forget, isn’t it? Sorry to hear about some of the trauma you have experienced over the years. I definitely went through a lot last year and remembering to celebrate breath has made all the difference. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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