How To Get Started With Morning and Evening Routines

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Note: We’re excited to introduce you to our guest writer, Evelyn Hill, a minimalist, a vegan and a super talented creative.

Every morning I wake up, say thank you silently three times, then write down my dreams in a journal. I then say hello to the cat, wash my face, open the curtains to let the sunlight in and make a cup of tea.

This is my morning routine.

Before I go to sleep, I write down three things I’m grateful for in my journal, close the curtains, drink a bit of warm water with lemon, kiss my husband and cat goodnight, and meditate for 20 minutes before dozing off.

This is my evening routine.

These are just two of my routines. There are more, but I just wanted to give you an example of what my morning and evening routines look like in daily practice.

They’re not fancy—in fact, some might find them a bit dull—but they get the job done. I’m always relaxed and focused at the start and the end of my day. That’s what matters to me.

Routines are little rituals we all have, whether we realise them or not. Some of them are complicated, some are simple, but chances are, you’ve got a few you didn’t realise existed.

I could go on about routines—why we’ve got them, their history, the reason science says they’re essential—but I won’t. I’ll just tell you that they’re important, you have at least one, and they’re powerful.

I’ll say something else though, even though I’ve just told you I wouldn’t—recognising your rituals now and setting up new routines may just change your life. And for minimalists like you and me, understanding why routines are powerful and how we can create new ones is like finding a new world within the one we live in.

So let’s get started, shall we?

What makes routines so powerful?

Routines are the rituals that set us up for whatever we’re about to do. For me, having a morning routine sets me up for my day—as a freelancer, as a creator, a wife and mum to a very loving cat—and gives me a calm and focus I don’t know if I would have otherwise. For you, it might be something else entirely.

But there are other reasons that routines—whether you recognise them or not—are powerful. I’ve listed a few below, but I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a few more on your own.


Part of the power of a routine is the fact that you’re focusing on yourself.

Most morning and evening routines are centred on giving yourself some love and encouragement. In other words, it’s an act of self-love. It’s a few moments in your life where you’re focusing on bringing balance, love and harmony to yourself. And that’s a power all of us need more of.


Routines also set a purpose—for our day, for an event, or even for daily practice. Taking a few minutes each day to reset your intention in your mind through ritual movements can reinforce your goals for whatever it is you’re about to undertake.

An intentional routine, such as the process you undergo before a big work presentation or right after you wake up to the lovely chatter of children, also brings your focus to the result you want on any given day.

By setting the intention to be relaxed, to be powerful, to be calm—and reinforcing it with a ritual, you are training your mind, body, heart and soul to that intention. You will be more aligned with what you want and how to get it.


We could all do with a little more mindfulness. Thankfully, that’s what routines give us. We’re mindful of our actions through ritual because we know there’s a pattern—first we do one thing, then we do the next, etc., and so on.

We’re focused on each part, and through that comes something I call clarity of consciousness, which is a fancy phrase that means we’re in the moment of our actions.

Mindfulness in routines is incredibly important. Coupled with intention and self-love, it shifts our mindset from the fast track to a slow crawl, allowing us to see and feel everything around us with a clarity that gives us purpose in our actions.

And through the mindfulness of routine, we begin to develop mindfulness throughout our entire lives.

Create your own routine

So now you know why routines are powerful, but perhaps you’re not clear on how to create a daily routine that would help you. Maybe you think you haven’t got enough time to make a routine or that you don’t even know what you’d want a ritual for.

So let’s talk about it. Here are three quick things to keep in mind when creating a routine. Yes, these are general, but they’ll help you start on your own path to a daily morning and evening routine. But that’s a good thing because rituals can be quite personal and may only work for you.

1. Set the stage

Before I created my own morning routine, I was a mess. You can ask my husband. Groggy, cranky and utterly useless, I would stumble through until mid-morning when I would miraculously become coherent.

That’s fine if you haven’t got a job or are on holiday. But as it turns out, I’ve got a job and wasting half the morning trying to wake up was not working out for me. I would feel rushed the whole day, so I had to set the stage for a ritual that would get me straight and focused on my work.

Setting the stage for a routine just means understanding what you need the routine for. Perhaps you have a habit of being late for work, or you can never find time to do a home spa day, or you have trouble focusing on a project. You and only you can decide what ritual will fit for what you need.

So my suggestion for you is to think about what you could use a routine for and then begin to set the stage for it by building a list of actions you can take to get you ready for whatever that routine is being used for. Most of the time, these will be small actions, but string them together, and you have a powerful ritual.

2. Set the intention

Once you’ve decided what your routine will be for and you’ve set the stage, take the time to set the intention. This will be what your mind focuses on while doing the ritual.

Setting the intention is going to take time, mainly if you’ve never done a routine consciously before. Don’t worry. Everyone goes through this. Just try your best to keep your mind focused on how the routine aides you in whatever comes next. 

For example, you’re creating a routine so you won’t be late for work, bring your mind back again and again to the idea that you will be on time and relaxed for work.

Each step through the routine should reinforce that intention. Each step should also help you towards that goal—don’t bring in a ritual action that takes you away from that goal.

3. Set your determination

There’s no way around it—if you create a routine and an intention, but you don’t stick to it, it will not work for you. You must be determined to see your routine through, at least for a week or so. Truthfully, you should try a ritual out for 21 days to make it a habit, so try your hardest to see it through until then.

Your determination is what powers most routines through. You may not see euphoric results within a week, but most likely, you’ll see it in a couple of weeks. Stick with it.

I’ll tell you something about determination, though, and I found this out through rituals—I have more commitment than I thought I did. It’s amazing what a little pep talk to keep on with routines can do for you, and I promise it can work the same for you.

Morning and evening routines

Morning and evening routines are powerful tools in helping us create the best possible life for ourselves. Hopefully, now you’ll create some of your own to transform your life.

If you have any ritual tips and tricks, share them with us! We’re happy to hear your suggestions because who knows? You may have a tip that will help us all create more powerful routines.

How To Get Started With Morning and Evening Routines

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Started With Morning and Evening Routines”

  1. I’m not so good at rituals, but I do have a few. Starting the morning with washing my face, tongue scraping, oil pulling, and then drinking warm water and lemon juice is how I start my day.

    The other thing I do is notice little moments of gratitude throughout the day. Being a mum can be especially stressful and trying. But when my sons say little sweet things I make sure I savour the moment. It is one way to draw strength for the trying times

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