Coming October 2019

Rethink Consumerism

In 2016 we started an online boutique with the hopes of shifting the demand of ethical products in Australia. 

We were on a mission to find the best quality everyday products (non-food) that were organic, sustainable, fair trade and cruelty-free. We were the strictest online store that we had come across. Only selling one product per category, meant that we had to pick the best of the best that was available. 

So instead of selling thirty different shampoos, we only stocked one. Giving people too much choice would lead to decision fatigue, and make the customers wonder why there was so much choice, that was the logical conclusion in our heads as minimalists. If you do the research, you take the guesswork out of the picture for customers. They trust you more and in turn, keep coming back because they know what you sell is the best of the best. 

The store ticked along nicely for two years, we loved connecting with our customers and had built some wonderful relationships with our regulars. 

We made the decision in mid-2018 to close the store. This was because the thought of growing it and opening a warehouse (which was to happen next, due to growth) didn’t feel quite right. We decided to re-assess our intentions and ask ourselves the question if this is what we really wanted to pursue in life. The reality of it was selling products and staying in Australia for many years to come. When we realised the answer was no, we made the tough decision to call it quits and walk away from something that so many women had become dependant on for their everyday essentials. 

As we announced our closure and talked to others about it, we realised that we were really onto something. They were all asking us where they can keep buying these products and where they can continue getting access to all the useful and well-researched information that we had up on our website that was soon to close its doors. 

We quickly realised that we hadn’t considered that this information would be so valuable to so many people. That it was worth spreading and keeping alive. 

This is where the idea for this book was born. We want to create something that our customers, The Minimalist Vegan followers and countless others can have access to and learn how to become more conscious about their daily consumptions. Unlike our online store, we aim to cover much more than cleaning products, skin care, makeup, minimal waste, plastic free, hair care and the like. We want to bring in fashion, food, home, advertising and everything else in between that we as humans consume. 

Today, you can notice quite clearly that people are starting to care. That they want to know where their food comes from, where their clothes are made and how their dollar is impacting mother nature. But the problem is that the information isn’t so black and white, and not so accessible to make it easy for someone to learn what they are supporting in a few minutes. 

This book will help to educate and empower people to take matters into their own hands and ask the right questions because they have learned enough to make an educated decision whether or not to consume something. It’s all about planting seeds, and there are so many that should start growing!

There are books out there that may talk about a single aspect of consumerism, however, we have not come across one that is a helpful guide, educational tool, as well as a shift in how one thinks about all these things. From how to consume more plants and why, to what questions to ask before you buy a couch, this will transform someone’s life, no matter who they are. 

As humans, we are automatically classified as consumers. Many people don’t like that word, however, if you breathe, you are a consumer whether you like it or not. Advertising is becoming more and more invasive, but if you have the right tools, you might be able to completely block them out. 

In conclusion, this book is for humanity and for the future health of this planet that we call our home. 

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Michael and Maša Ofei are married couple in their 30s striving to live with incredible intentionality. They’re all about good food, animal welfare, minimalism and leaving this planet hopefully better than what they found it.