Vegan Eats in Ubud, Bali

Vegan Eats in Ubud, Bali

We’re still on a high from our amazing honeymoon in Ubud, Bali. We got back on Sunday morning and have missed it so much!

We were there for five nights and soaked up some sun, relaxing, eating and sightseeing.

Ubud is a great place to find some wonderful vegan cafes and restaurants. Even if they’re not 100% vegan, you can generally alter something from the menu. Most places we went were either 100% vegetarian, vegan or raw.

The other beautiful things we noticed was that they take delicious drinks seriously! All the places we visited had an incredible selection of drinks on the menu, not your typical juice from a bottle, the standard selection of teas, coffee and maybe if you’re lucky smoothies.

The food was also great value! We managed to have a delicious and I mean DELICIOUS 3 course meal with a drink each and would pay only $40 AUD!! We were super satisfied, and our taste buds were dancing.

One last noteworthy thing would be the speed of service and never waiting more than 15 minutes for a meal. From our experience in Bali, the service most of the time was exceptional.

The Balinese are some of the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. They have a very honest, sincere and friendly manner and are more than happy to help.

We fell in love with the place as well as its people. So positive and just grateful to be alive. We need more of that in this world!

I have compiled a list of places we ate that are worth checking out when you’re in Ubud.

The Elephant

This place was very close to our resort, and we weren’t sure whether or not to go as it was vegetarian. From what we could gather, there were a couple of dishes that could be made vegan so we thought we’d give it a go!

There’s probably a handful of options with a few sides that you can compile to make the main meal as well. We ordered pad thai, garlic bread with smoky eggplant dip, mashed potatoes (pretty much potato wedges but better!), and a couple of refreshing sodas with fresh fruit, ginger and mint.

Overall, we enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the view. I’m just not sure if we would go the second time as there wasn’t enough choice for us. But all in all, it was excellent.

The Elephant Ubud

Clear Cafe

We went to Clear Cafe three times as a friend recommended it and it was pretty close to where we were staying. It was cheap, and the food was good!

The first visit I would have to say was my favourite. We enjoyed some wonderful food, three different types of drinks and great dessert!

What we liked about these guys was that at the front of their menu they showcase on a map where all their produce comes from. Most of it being local, it makes you feel good about supporting them. We value transparency and what they stand for.

This is the breakdown of the food that we ordered on all of our visits:

  • Traditional Thai iced tea with cashew milk (our favourite!),
  • Chai iced dream (also freakin’ amazing!),
  • Green hornet cooler (I could have done without this one, didn’t like the taste and wasn’t sweet at all!),
  • TLT wrap, falafel pita, nasi campur (vegan),
  • Pad thai, hint of India (Michael’s favourite!),
  • Vegan kitchari,
  • Vegan brownie with coconut ice cream (even though the second night we were there, they couldn’t 100% tell us if it was or not so we stopped ordering it) and raw mudslide cake.

Overall the food was nice, but it wasn’t our favourite place. The two drinks that we ordered were delicious (Thai Iced Tea and Chai Iced Dream) and the service was OK. Not the best in town and probably the worst during our trip. Which I guess doesn’t say much because their service is still much better than anything we would get back at home most of the time.

The location we visited is their temporary location as the main cafe burned down a year or so ago.

Note: These guys aren’t 100% vegan or vegetarian, just have heaps of options!

Clear Cafe Ubud


This place reminded quite a bit of Naked Treaties in Byron Bay. Their menu is all raw food, and they were the first of its kind in Bali!

The place has a very calming, hippy, healthy vibe about it that I like. You can see lots of entrepreneurs hanging out and meeting up with friends. They have a small shop part of the setup and upstairs they have a holistic practice.

The food here was nice, and it was perfect for a pre-massage lunch. We didn’t want to eat anything too heavy before we went to lay down and relax for an hour.

We had raw nachos, a raw mushroom and spinach pie, a salad, kombucha and some raw cakes. I hit the jackpot when I ordered the raw banoffee pie, it was AMAZING!! Definitely worth trying when you go there.

We were planning on coming back the next day but time got away from us and didn’t make it back for more cake πŸ™‚

A friend again recommended this place and she said that they make amazing smoothies and breakfasts. We didn’t get a chance to try it out as we got a fantastic breakfast at our resort restaurant each morning. We will give it a go next time we visit.

Sadly we only took one photo while we were there…sorry guys no banoffee pie photo πŸ™

Alchemy Ubud


This would have to be our favourite place by far! Sadly we only discovered it the day before we left but we still managed to squeeze in a second visit.

Honestly, it was some of the best (healthy and organic) food I’ve had since being vegan. The chefs here are so skilled and add so much flavour to their meals and drinks that we were just blown away with.

My favourite meal of the trip was their jackfruit dish on the dinner menu. I have been sitting here for a while now trying to remember the name of it and find it on the internet but haven’t had any luck!

It had two jackfruit disks with stewed cabbage and sweet potato fingers (or some root vegetable that looked reddish/purple). The sauce combined it really wellβ€”it was a white mushroom sauce.

The other dishes we had were Jacky tacos, a green curry with vegetables, tofu and brown rice, a sweet symphony with chocolate and vanilla coconut ice cream (amazing!), raw bruschetta, chef’s bowl, green lentils, and a raw chocolate cake (which I also can’t quite remember what it was called, my bad), THE best kombucha I’ve ever had which is a big statement coming from me as I think I make the best one :), and a spiced iced tea.

Overall it was a wonderful place just off the beaten track where our taxi couldn’t even take us as the road was too narrow. We walked past a beautiful rice field to get there and up through a wonderful garden to their beautiful little oasis.

They have a permaculture garden and also run culinary classes. We will be signing up for that next time we visit! I want to learn how to make everything on their menu.

Moksa Bali

The last place that I’d like to mention is the hotel that we stayed at Uma by COMO. The villa we had was beautiful and had its own pool and a killer view.

The service was immaculate, and the food was lovely but just as expensive as it is to eat out back home. On average, it cost us almost double what it did outside the hotel.

The wonderful thing was that breakfast was included and they knew we were vegan. We had a special menu to choose from what we wanted to eat the following day so they could prep for us in advance.

We had lovely fresh juices and each day we picked a new meal from the breakfast menu. The only downside was that the meals were quite small. Very delicious just not filling enough to keep us going.

So we would generally start off with some fruit, avocado or guacamole on toast and follow it with the main breakfast meal. One time I also ordered the black rice pudding, and it was pretty spectacular. You can order one of those in most places in Bali I would say.

We also had dinner there twice, and it was wonderful. But honestly, I didn’t see the difference compared to some of the meals we had out and were almost half the price.

All in all, I’m glad we had some of their dishes as they were different from the flavours we had out. Their tempeh was outstanding and nothing you will find in the shops at home. I have a newfound respect for tempeh.

Here are some photos of our resort to end this post about amazing vegan eats in Ubud!

Uma by COMO Ubud

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10 thoughts on “Vegan Eats in Ubud, Bali”

  1. I loved these cafes too! My favorite vegan restaurant was actually Atman Kafe. Also loved Sage. And Juice Ja Cafe which have an amazing vegan cooking class πŸ™‚

  2. I ‘ve been searching for vegan restaurants to recommend for a guest who is coming in a week.
    Glad to find The Minimalist Vegan to suit our clutter free bamboo architecture to focus on the amazing view! :-). Love you simple, clean looking website!

  3. Hi! We visit Ubud every year and last year stayed at Swasti Eco Cottages which was just lovely. Not fancy but beautiful and quiet. The restaurant there is almost 100% vegan, and organic. Next time you visit, if you haven’t already, try it! Unfortunately the cottages do keep a few animals (goats and chickens) in the rear of the property but that is typical of the region. x

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