The Minimalist Vegan is a person who is committed to doing what is essential in their lives and brings them joy and nothing more. They respect humanity, the environment, and most importantly, they respect themselves. Their demeanor is calm, down-to-earth, and centered.

The Minimalist Vegan, for the most part, is not scattered or unfocused. They’re not caught up in the “busy being busy” cycle. They’re not disconnected from where their food comes from. They’re not disrespectful to themselves, or the environment.

The Minimalist Vegan is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes eating well and living mindfully. A lifestyle that we strive to live every day, and we’re here to help you do the same.

For a deep dive into this philosophy check out our book, The Minimalist Vegan: A Simple Manifesto On Why To Live With Less Stuff And More Compassion.


We’re Maša and Michael Ofei (M & M), a married couple currently based in Canberra, Australia.

In Michael’s words – “Maša is the health nerd (a certified health coach) and professional photographer of the team. You’ll find her crafting tasty vegan recipes, shopping for the best produce and taking gorgeous photos. Yes, one of her favourite things to do is shopping at farmers markets and finding the best organic products in health food stores. She loves the simple things in life and travelling.”

In Maša’s words – “Michael is the technical minimalist of the team. He’s passionate about stripping everything back to the essentials and finding the most efficient way of doing things to spend more time enjoying life. You’ll find him writing articles on simple living, as well as managing the technical aspects of the site. He also loves connecting and networking with like-minded people. He thinks that there should definitely be more minimalist vegan males in this world!”


We don’t have all of the answers, but you’ll struggle to find two people who care more about this lifestyle than us.

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They inspire me to live a more meaningful lifestyle, which I am super excited about. Everything about The Minimalist Vegan feels authentic. Finally real people wanting real good for other people. This way of living is the future, we have no other choice. – Emilia S

The Minimalist Vegan has been helpful to me, making me see how much you can do with less in all areas of your life. Therefore, I’m using some of the given advice to help me simplify my lifestyle. Also, the writing draws your attention because it doesn’t imply judgement on your options, whichever they are, therefore giving you the breath you need to do your best each day. – Helena S

I really enjoy getting your emails with new recipes and ways to live a better life. You’re inspiring and provide great information. – Vanessa M

TMV brings together the two primary sets of principles which currently guide my life choices. Vegan-focused blogs don’t typically address minimalist issues, while few minimalists are actually vegans. – Guy R

I like reading the way they write, their recipes, their perspectives on certain things. These give me inspiration in my everyday life. – Laura H

I love the blog, the tips and the whole spirit behind it! – Ambre L

I like the broad range of topics covered in posts – recipes, health tips, lifestyle topics, healthy habits. I also enjoy practical tips, that come from your personal experiences – I know that they are honest and useful. – Lidia N

You guys are cool, I like you as role models =) I’m vegan and trying to declutter a lot and I like your views on life and enjoy reading your stuff. – Hayley K