The Minimalist Vegan Podcast

Best selling authors and passionate bloggers, Michael & Maša Ofei explore what it means to live with incredible intentionality. They bring honest conversations to your ears discussing a range of topics including; minimalism, veganism, zero-waste, productivity, consumerism amongst other things! Subscribe on your favourite app below.

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What our listeners are saying...

My absolute favourite podcast!


I’m 18, and the only person I know who’s a vegan, trying to live a low waste/sustainable lifestyle. I’ve binge listened to all episodes, and it makes me feel less alone in the journey. Masa and Michael are so honest, knowledgeable, relatable and real, and I’ve learnt a lot from them in this short time. Thank you❤️

Ellie Jane

Thankful for this podcast…


I really enjoy listening to Michael and Maša on my daily commute to work. I also enjoy reading their blog and follow them on Instagram. I feel that I can truly relate to what they speak about: veganism, minimalism, consumerism, food recipes, design, animal activism, changing continents and finding different solutions to a more sustainable day to day life and so much more. I love Maša’s recipes and photography and Michael’s take on financial abundance and how to achieve it by getting rid of the worse type of clutter, which is debt.


Real and honest


I love this podcast. It’s so real and honest about all the ups and downs of veganism and minimalism. Michael and Masa’s conversations flow so naturally and they really bounce of each other well. It makes for such enjoyable listening. If you’re vegan/minimalist/low waste/interested omnivore or anywhere in between, I highly recommend!


Mindful conversations of daily life


I love your podcast. The way you guys talk about different issues from veganism and environment to more insight and psychological aspects of life, is natural, humble and close to people. I feel like I could have those talks myself with my friends anytime. You help me rethink and reevaluate important habits of my daily life. Your podcasts really adds value to my life. Keep on going. “Live with less stuff and more compassion” Hugs from Spain. (Btw love your website)


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