10 Online Ethical Fashion Stores To Help You Live More Consciously

10 Online Ethical Fashion Stores To Help You Live More Consciously

A few months ago we posted an insightful Q & A with Joshua Katcher from the Discerning Brute. He shared his views and research on human rights and animal cruelty as it relates to the fashion industry. Since that post, TMV readers were keen to take action and find ethical fashion stores that they could support.

Having awareness of what’s really going on behind the scenes is always a good first step. However, I know when I first discovered the truth, I felt overwhelmed with what to do next. Where do I shop? How can I trust the brands? Do the clothes perform and match my style?

When you start asking these questions, you quickly realise just how hard it is to find stores and brands that you can trust. You might find a great fair-trade fashion store that sells gorgeous garments, but all of their items are leather. Conversely, you may come across an amazing vegan store but their products aren’t fair-trade.

Keeping this struggle in mind, we’ve done some research for you. Below you’ll find 10 online ethical fashion stores that sell items that look great and happen to be cruelty-free.

Note: Mindless online consumerism is not something we support. However, we’ve created this resource for you if you desperately need to freshen up your wardrobe and are looking for quality items that are cruelty-free and you can be satisfied with for a long time.

1. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a vegan fashion line that sells a variety of high quality accessories including; handbags, purses, wallets and backpacks. They have been established in 1995 and were founded in Montreal, Canada. They have stockists all around the world so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding their products near you. We’ve personally bought a few of their products and have been really happy with the style, performance and quality.

2. Keep Company

Keep Company

Keep is a fun cruelty-free shoe and apparel line based in Golden State, USA. Most of their shoes are unisex and are great for casual weekend wear. What we love about Keep is their vibrant style and their strong social values.

3. Brave Gentleman

Brave Gentleman

Brave Gentleman is a premium menswear brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The founder, Joshua Katcher is extremely well researched and has a ton of information on the Brave Gentleman about page. If you’re a conscience man looking for stylish professional attire, definitely check out this store.

4. The Third Estate

The Third Estate

The Third Estate is an ethical, eco-friendly and animal-free fashion retailer based in London, UK. We had the pleasure of visiting this store (twice) whilst we were travelling. We were spoilt with choice and we could trust that the owners had done the work to filter out unethical brands. James and his partner recently launched an online store. They mainly serve a European customer based but also have an option to ship internationally.

5. Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest is an Australian founded online retailer that sells and documents ethical fashion brands. In their own words, their products are curated based on four key elements – style, impact, cost and quality. They also ship internationally, which is always great news!

6. Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy Organic Clothing was founded in 1993 by Kate Fisher after she travelled to Nepal and India. Her husband later joined the company as they embarked on a journey of building a sustainable clothing line with both Eastern and Western influences. All of their garments including dresses, tops and yoga attire are made for compassionate women all around the globe.

7. Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes

We first discovered Wills Vegan Shoes when we were in Europe earlier this year. They sell classy shoes for men and women that are both vegan and fair-trade. Not only that, considering what you get, they are quite reasonably priced.

8. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought sells stylish apparel and accessories for both men and women. They’re extremely transparent with where they source their materials and how their products are manufactured. The company also contributes and donates to many non profits.

9. Proof Eyewear

I Want Proof

Proof eyewear produces high quality eyewear handcrafted from sustainable wood, skateboard decks and plant based acetate. Having been founded in Boise Idaho, their brand reflects outdoors, relaxed vibe and adventure.

10. Milk & Masuki

Milk & Masuki

Milk & Masuki is a funky baby and children’s fashion line founded by two local artists in Australia. All of their products use organic cotton and reflect a quirky vibrant style from the creative founders. At this stage, they only ship to Australia but it’s certainly worth reaching out to them directly if you live abroad.

What’s on your list of online ethical fashion stores?

Hopefully the stores we’ve recommended above is just the beginning of your research. We would love your help to expand upon this list in the comments below so that everyone can benefit.

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  • katy mcmurray 03/12/2015 Reply

    Vegan Wares based in Melbourne sells quality shoes, boots, wallets and belts that last for years.

  • Kevin 04/12/2015 Reply

    Check out Couch Guitar Straps!
    Don’t be fooled by the name of the company. They also make vegan wallets and bags using recycled materials from classic car interiors!

  • Amanda Brewer 04/12/2015 Reply

    Hi check out Kind Cartel.com.au it’s a cruelty free vegan boutique

  • KATHY 15/12/2015 Reply

    Love this list! I love Vaute Couture for coats and tees and more. I also love Herbivore.

  • Maria Aguayo 24/05/2016 Reply

    is Antrhopologie one of them?

    • Hi Maria, never heard of Antrhopologie. I just checked out their website and they seem to be quite involved in giving back to the community. They also have a great range. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cody 05/11/2016 Reply

    Just came across this blog! Absolutely love it 🙂 Companies like Matt and Nat are what inspired me to get into the sustainable/ethical fashion business! Have any of you guys heard of cork handbags? If not I encourage you guys to checkout what Eve is all about! https://www.evecork.com/pages/about-eve

  • Laura Staron 12/02/2017 Reply

    Love this list! I love Wills Vegan Shoes. Thanks for your article

  • doshishop 18/05/2017 Reply

    Really Nice Post! Thanks for sharing useful information. Our company also offers non-leather briefcases, backpacks, belts and accessories.

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