Why We Started a Podcast

Welcome to The Minimalist Vegan Podcast! We’re very excited to share with you Episode 1 and talk about how we first came across podcasts, where we typically listen to them, the podcasts that have inspired us to live a more conscious lifestyle, and why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right type of content.

We also discuss multitasking vs single-tasking and being in the moment. The reason we love listening to podcasts is that they inspire us, they inspire us to be and do better. We hope that you tune in and get something out of ours.

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Why We Started a Podcast

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    1. Hey Vanessa! We hadn’t thought about transcribing our episodes as our style is very conversational, and with two people talking it might get confusing. In saying that we’re not replacing our written content with podcasts. We’re still publishing a recipe every Friday and a new article each Sunday.

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