Reflections From Our Minimalist Vegan Wedding – Episode 006

A Minimalist Vegan Wedding

We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary, which triggered some fond and stressful memories of creating our dream minimalist vegan wedding. Would we do it all over again? Heck yes….with a few alterations from lessons learned. 

In this episode, we reflect on our value-driven minimalist vegan wedding day to share insights with listeners who are thinking of doing the same thing or to spark conversation with others who have also tried to apply minimalism or veganism to their special day. We share our engagement story and how it all came together. We also share some insight into how we dealt with push back on having a vegan wedding day.

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Things mentioned in this episode

The Minimalist Vegan Wedding

  • Our Wedding Budget Spreadsheet –

wedding budget spreadsheet

Reflections From Our Minimalist Vegan Wedding

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