How Connected To Nature Are You? – Episode 047

Fundamentally, humankind and nature are connected. 

We’ve built infrastructure and technologies to co-exist with nature. However, we routinely disrupt nature to exist and evolve.

With such advancements, it’s easy to draw a rift between yourself and our natural environment. There’s a connection to our surroundings that’s magical, but most of us choose to neglect it, sometimes unknowingly.

Our theory is that if we become immersed in the beauty of nature, we’ll appreciate it more and thus treat it better. But is it that simple?

In this conversation, we explore the growing divide between nature and humans, and some things we’re experimenting with to get reconnected. We also share some of the challenges we’ve faced with our relationship with nature.

Has our disconnect gone too far? 

“We spend quite a lot of time obsessing over nature but not being in nature.”

“There is part comfort and part fear of every step in this journey to reconnecting with nature.”

“Going out into the woods, and just taking in all the sensory pleasures of being in that environment has helped to give me so much more energy, it’s given me space, and it’s given me slowness.”

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