Are You Addicted To The News? – Episode 049

With all that is currently happening in the world, do you find yourself paying attention to the news more? Or have you always kept up to date with local and international affairs? 

We have felt judged on many occasions for choosing to opt-out of keeping up with current news stories. It’s been considered selfish and ignorant. 

In this week’s podcast episode, we discuss how we have willfully ignored news for years and haven’t felt like we have missed out on what happens.

We also look at the vast contrast of how we feel when we start to pay more attention to the media.

“Is this serving me or is it feeding my inner fear even more?”

“The more negativity that you feed yourself, it makes you become a more negative person.” 

“Having the ability to have an opinion definitely gives off a sense of validation to our voice and who we are as individuals.” 

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