What’s Your Vegan Origin Story? – Episode 002

What's Your Vegan Origin Story

Why did you become vegan? Everyone has their vegan origin story, much like the superheroes. 

We reflect on our past and how it all started for us. We discuss what life was like before we became vegan, as most people aren’t born vegan, we can relate to others very easily. Tune in and hear as to how it all unfolded for us. 

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What's Your Vegan Origin Story?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Vegan Origin Story? – Episode 002”

  1. Rachel Mthembu

    Thanks so much for this episode. I actually found you guys on insta through my slow living account but this was my first podcast of your’s I listened to.
    I love hearing the individual distinction in everyone’s journey. My catalyst into a plant-based diet was when my sister and mother-in-law were both diagnosed with cancer and subsequently reading The China Study, so it was a health-based motivation. But inevitably when you start down the rabbit hole, I’m getting more educated about the surrounding ethical issues and feel compelled that ‘now I know’ I can’t ignore it.
    I’m going to watch earthlings when I get the chance and feel pretty nervous about it based on your description, but how can I not? Now that I know.
    Thanks for putting your story out there!!

    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you for sharing your transition into a vegan lifestyle. I can see how a health scare like cancer could be a strong motivator to change the way you eat and consume.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. If you end up watching Earthlings, please let us know! Michael

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