How To Go Vegan- The Ultimate Guide

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  1. Hi Michael

    I decided to eat whole-food, plant based 2 years ago for health reasons and I went all in, no salt, no sugar no oil. In the beginning I found all the meals I made were incredibly bland. . However, after a few weeks I realised my taste buds had changed and I really began to appreciate the real flavours of food. Lost a lot of weight but have now plateaued. Probably because eating too much processed vegan food

  2. This is a great guide! Veganism is a long journey that takes just one step at a time. And good food is good food, no matter what’s in it (or isn’t).

    I realised I didn’t have to compromise eating my favourite foods when I started incorporating more vegan foods into my diet, and that made it so much easier. Credit so much to to helping my transition with their plant-based meals!

  3. Great content, transition is not easy its very hard to change your lifestyle. Surely this blog will help new vegans to transition into #veganlife.

  4. Thank you for the great article for new vegans. I became vegan after watching 2 documentaries on Netflix. What the Health and Cowspjricy. Both focused on 2 things. The health benefits of being vegan and the impact animal agriculture has on the environment. For me it was easy to become vegan overnight. And I proudly tell my story to anyone who questions my decision. No problem. If only everyone on the planet went to plants. We would solve all the major man made problems almost overnight.

  5. Good perspective on Vegan life and thoughtful blog! I am new to the idea of Veganism — as I am fairly mainstream consumer I was ignorant to Vegan lifestyle. Last year I was inspired to stop lying about little things (even though I already considered myself to be honest and ethical). For example, making sure I attributed credit to another person or thinking about if I was saying something (or not saying something) to avoid being judged or hurting someone’s feelings. I think this awareness was liberating and I began to think about what might help make me a kinder person… maybe I should try not eating meat? So far it has been doable with the 6 weeks that I have been experimenting with Vegetarian/Vegan menu for my whole family — something I think has been positive for me with COVID lockdown. Gives me time to think about our health, our world, minimalism, supply chain, and plan proper meals. Approaching Veganism from a curious place rather than a rigid expectation of myself is helping me enjoy and appreciate the process of understanding how a Vegan lifestyle might just be choosing me. I’m being kind to myself about “doing my best” on my journey. Thanks again for great tips and resources!

    1. You’re welcome, Niko. Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections and experimentation with a vegan lifestyle. I like your approach of not being too hard on yourself, especially in the beginning. I hope you’re enjoying cooking vegan food at home with your family 🙂 Michael

  6. Really loved reading this guide – it was sensible and balanced – thank you for the effort you put in to create it! I particularly like the idea of finding a couple of “go to” recipes that are simple and easy to make and then building up from there. Terrific advice.