Our Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media – Episode 004

Our Love Hate Relationship With Social Media

In this episode, we talk about our love-hate relationship with social media. We dissect the history of social media in our lives and how connection through online platforms came about for us. We also discuss how as minimalists, there is this unwritten rule about being off social media and what we think about it.

Social media can be a big procrastination tool or something that can enhance your life if used correctly. Having access to this tool in your pocket or your handbag has changed the way that we live our lives every single day. It’s all in how you use it and for what reasons. We hope that you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed talking about it!

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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media

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  • Kodak 22/03/2019 Reply

    Very insightful conversation.

    Can totally relate to the MSN messenger days from Stromlo High!

    • Haha, right!? It was a huge part of our lives. I even remember the iconic notification sounds it made.

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