Yes, I Don't Want To Quit Social Media


  1. A struggle for an introvert. I don’t use Facebook for business and only keep a few friends and family on my feed – but – even the slightest hint of the latest political insanity sends me into a tailspin. I think Dominic’s reasoning is compelling. For all of its helpful applications, the fundamental shift it has made in our political discourse is sufficient for me to opt out. (While always thinking… “Maybe I should open a site to support my blog and my books…”

  2. Masa, thanks for sharing your post, but I have decided to quit social media completely. I understand from a content creator’s perspective it makes complete sense to use social media and I respect that. Unfortunately, I have seen some of the worst things social media can do to people and I had to quit in protest.

    When you can customize your social media feed to show you only articles you already believe in, confirmation bias leads you to believe only you are correct. This cycle compounds every time you read something new, further strengthening the confirmation bias you have. When you are presented with evidence to the contrary, the backfire effect happens and your brain immediately and violently attacks this new information.

    I have seen some friends and family become radicalized in various belief systems and ideologies because of both confirmation bias and the backfire effect. Basic facts that require minimal research to arrive at are ridiculed and condemned as being fake. People have become divided into different “tribes” that fight with each other and often splinter into even smaller “sub-tribes”. It has become clear that social media and the effect it can have on people is at least partially responsible for the unfortunate political situation we have in the US. I did not want to be a part of this.

    On a lighter note, I am also a very strong introvert and never had many followers to begin with. Anything I ever said or shared on social media was almost always ignored. It always felt like anytime I ever posted something, it was like I was making a big heartfelt announcement in the middle of a party and no one noticed. So I did what I do at every party I ever had to go to, get some food and leave early without anyone noticing.

    1. Hi Dominic,
      I completely respect and understand your reasons to leave social media. I too often feel like I’m speaking to no one when I post something on my personal page or share something in a group.
      Michael and I were only having this conversation the other day about how news is curated through apps. The same way that our social media feeds are customised. You make some really interesting and important points.
      Thanks so sharing!

  3. Good morning all,
    Thank you for your sunday morning read…after my run.
    Good use of time?… that’s what i asked myself this week when i was scrolling through twitter , i could be out for a run, what did i learn?….. well nothing life threatening, neither anything that made me jump up and down with joy. Maybe i’m just not subscribed to the right feeds I’m no addict, no facebook,instagram or anything else …. well now im thinking …..kik, Whatsapp, skype…do they count? Not for me.
    I’m quite a new subscriber to your posts, finding your platform while looking for Vegan recipes. It pulled my attention, “Minimalist” as my wife gave me a book to read while on holiday recently “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”… reading the title i thought my wife was trying to tell me something about the way i organise my material things . She was and still is .but truly she wanted to raise my awareness. Im finding these aspects of life are all coming together, i’m being spoken too.
    So coming back to your social media passage – yes i think its great, making connection, interacting with people for business or social reasons, but don’t let the screen become your only tool or let it become too time consuming. I believe face to face, reading body language, facial expressions, tears say more that words.
    Have a great day everyone

    1. Hi Nigel, you make a great point. I guess it’s how you choose to value and use the platforms. Nothing can replace face to face connection in my opinion.
      Glad to hear that you’re connecting with the content and with are raising your awareness. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I think it’s a personal decision, but I reached a different conclusion and left social media.

    Yes, I found leaving Facebook difficult. It was a way of keeping in touch with distant family and friends. But now I write letters again – yes, snail mail – and I’m finding it much more rewarding. I get what you’re saying about events but TBH my friends can tell me about anything I’d really like to attend. Also, I remind myself that I can’t do everything I want to do anyway.

    Twitter I thought I’d really miss, but I dropped that without looking back and with absolutely no regrets.

    One of my main reasons for leaving these platforms you didn’t mention, which is the ethical angle. I simply no longer agree (if I ever did) with the ethos of these companies, and I am concerned about the effect they are having on our society, especially our children. Leaving set what I believe is a good example to my daughters.

    I really do feel much more positive without social media, and I’m loving connecting with people in more tangible ways. Yes, there are downsides but for me, and I repeat it’s very much a personal decision, I am much, much happier without social media.

    1. Thanks for sharing Simon and glad to hear you’re happier. I can totally understand where you’re coming from in terms of ethics and that is one thing that plays on my mind. I do though know that there are many others that we use that don’t have the best ethics as well – eg. Google. Yet most of us use them on a daily basis whether it was gmail, google docs, google maps, google analytics or their most dominant search engine.

      I think it’s important to speak up in our local communities and be a role model for those (as you are for your daughters) that are more vulnerable to these platforms and show them that there are other ways to connect.

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