Using Minimalism To Downsize Your Life - Episode 026

This past year has pushed and challenged us in more ways we thought was possible. In our quest to support ourselves online and move to Slovenia, we’ve had to rethink the expectations of our means.

You hear it all of the time. One of the keys to happiness is living within or below your means. What does that mean exactly? What are one’s means? 

The pressure of money, if you’re not careful, can completely dominate how you experience life. We’ve all fallen into the trap of wanting more money so we can experience more of what life has to offer. Whether that’s through tangible goods or non-product related experiences.

We’ve for the most part have always seen a direct correlation between financial resources and living a better life. More money means more opportunity, right?

But since we became minimalists, we’ve shifted our mindsets about how much we need to live the life that makes us happy. Minimalism helped us to downsize in many areas, and that’s what we want to talk about in this podcast episode.

“Where did these triggers of success come form? Why do they have such a strong hold on us? “

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Using Minimalism To Downsize Your Life

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