Minimalist Exercise: Bringing Meaning To Movement with Gemma Davis - Episode 027

Developing an exercise habit has been a struggle for us, especially as we’ve gotten older. We both used to be quite active when we were younger, but over the years, we have dropped off exercise as a priority. The most that we get these days is a walk with our dog every day. Michael might do a short but explosive exercise routine, whereas Maša might do a yoga stretch once in a blue moon. 

It is something that we’re really conscious of starting up again, but there is some resistance there since we haven’t developed a habit out of it yet. We tend to go in and out of it. In this week’s podcast, we chat to our friend, yogi, author and naturopath, Gemma David from The Compassionate Road. She’s incredibly in tune with the needs of her body and has developed a deep physical, emotional and philosophical connection with movement—that cascades into the rest of her value-driven lifestyle.

Gemma shares with us her journey through creating a regular exercise practice that is stimulating in many ways. She shares with us how movement has brought so much meaning to her life and has created this compassionate and connected bond with herself. 

We were hoping that our conversation would inspire us to change and break that habit. All we need is a strong enough why. We certainly felt very inspired, and we hope that you do too. 

“I don’t practise yoga so I can be better at yoga. I practise yoga so I can be better at my life.”

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Things mentioned in this episode

“If we really feel good when we do something, we want more of it.”

Minimalist Exercise: Bringing Meaning To Movement with Gemma Davis

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