How To Practice Digital Minimalism At Home – Episode 023

There has been a lot of discussion around digital clutter in the minimalist community as of late. Rightly so, technology has quickly taken over physical clutter in many ways. From physical letters, folders, CD’s, records, tapes, DVD’s, notebooks, photo albums, you name it; we’ve just moved them to a digital format. They all still exist, maybe just not on our coffee table or storage shelves. 

With the digital age, boredom no longer exists. We have managed to fill every waking minute with something. With the world at our fingertips, smartphones fill in the void of what once was a welcome lull for a few minutes while you waited in line to order your lunch at a cafe or the train to arrive at the station.

Instead of allowing this highly addictive technology to rule our lives, we have started contemplating the alternative. What would it feel like if we replaced some of that screen time with something more analogue that was even better? We explore what some of those things could be in this podcast episode. We make a personal commitment to allow ourselves to go there and challenge this addictive procrastinating tool for something potentially more fulfilling.

“When you take away something, you need to replace it with something even better.”

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