Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter

Physical clutter can be incredibly overwhelming.

Clutter on bench tops prevents you from getting full functionality out of your furniture. Clutter in your wardrobe creates too many decisions for you to make about what you’re going to wear. And clutter in your spare room represents a long list of to-dos you need to deal with.

If we objectively understand that clutter is stealing some of our overall happiness and clarity, why do many of us struggle to take action to remove clutter from our lives?

Decluttering, while admirable, struggles to make it to the top of our priorities. Even though we know the impact of it will completely change the way we feel.

In this episode, we break down why most people struggle to get traction when it comes to decluttering and offer some tips on how you can move forward.

“Clutter feels like you only need a fraction of what you have. Your environment feels excessive.”

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Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter

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