Minimalist Tips For Decluttering Your Home

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  1. I completely agree with the idea of decluttering one item at a time. It can be overwhelming to try to tackle everything at once. I’ve found that starting with small areas like my nightstand or a single shelf has helped me make progress without feeling like I’m inundated. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Love these simple tips for decluttering! I’ve been trying to get my home in order, but it can be overwhelming. These minimalist strategies are helping me make progress without feeling like I’m sacrificing too much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! thank you for the tips and action plan. My biggest obstacle is time, or ,more precisely thinking about how long it will take to declutter my home, with a young baby and a growing business to take care of. That being said, after reading your article I feel I have a better action plan on how to start. Thank you. I really enjoy reading your blog. Ciao from Torino, Italy

  4. Sherry Gilbert says:

    I have a very easy way of keeping sentimental items from all the artwork my children have collected over the years from school, camp, etc. I group each child’s artwork and take a picture of their collection.

  5. Wow, to only regret a few things over 20 years is an incredible record! Thanks for sharing. We’ve just sent you an email 🙂