Is There Such a Thing as Humane Meat Episode 036 e1571559410562

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  1. Hello!
    I sincerely enjoy your podcast and everything you’re both doing! Just listened to the “humane meat” episode and wanted to offer a comment/suggestion on terminology. As a vegan myself, I often accidentally (through conditioning) use the word “it” to refer to an animal. I noticed you both did this as well. Don’t mean to sound like a grammar nazi but I think as vegans using other pronouns like he,she,they when referring to animals gives them more dignity and is a small gesture to heighten the status of animals as beings worthy of moral consideration. “It” just has a tone that is similar to “something,” rather than “someone.”
    Respectfully, Joe

    1. Hi Joe, we’re so glad you’re enjoying the podcast! You know, we hadn’t thought of the impact of a subtle change in our terminology. We agree with your feedback and will keep it in mind when referring to animals in the future. Anything to give more significance to the lives of animals will help. Thanks for taking the time to write to us 🙂