Our Journey To Becoming A Productive Couple – Episode 020

Sharing household chores ranks third in importance to a successful marriage, trailing only faithfulness and good sex.

Another survey found that 25 per cent of people who were divorced, named “disagreements about housework” as the top reason for getting a divorce.

But when you think about it, what appears to be small and insignificant disagreements about chores, can become full-blown arguments between you and your spouse.

Raise your hand if you’ve argued about:

  • The proper way to stack the dishwasher
  • Picking up the wrong ingredient from the supermarket
  • Missing an appointment for your child
  • Late payment on a bill
  • Procrastinating to fix something in the house

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Extending The Definition of Veganism

I never thought I’d be writing an article about the definition of veganism—but recently I’ve felt compelled to reconnect and clarify what it means to be vegan.

My transition into veganism happened overnight, and I haven’t looked back since. However, the longer I’m vegan, the more I see how the philosophy is being compromised.

Before I go on, I should make it clear that I’ve long been a supporter of “any progress is good progress”—if that means eating plant-based a couple of times a week, then sure, more animals are saved, and I’m all for that!

However, if we claim to be vegan, and our actions don’t match our values, that’s where I take some issue. It’s not to put people down. No, that’s not compassionate at all. It’s about the confusion it creates to others about what it means to be vegan. [continue reading…]

Mushroom & Thyme Soup

There’s something really wonderful about being in the kitchen during the winter months. I love how it warms me up, keeps my belly full and my imagination runs wild. I have recently started getting into the habit of setting aside full days to spend in the kitchen and cook/experiment with around 3-4 different dishes. This means that I don’t have to cook for the few coming days, which gives me then the opportunity to get into the zone of deep concentration for writing articles and our next book!

This mushroom and thyme soup was inspired by a generous bunch of thyme I bought at the farmer’s markets a week prior. I had been making multiple recipes with thyme like this immune boosting tea and this French lentil and mushroom stew. Whatever I don’t use, I’ll hang upside down and dry. This way I can pop it into a little glass jar and store in my spice cabinet for use over the coming months. [continue reading…]

Do you ever wonder why you’re not happy with where you are right now, and are always saying to yourself “I’ll be happy when…”? This is called an expectation gap. The expectation gap is the distance between where you are right now, and where you’d like to be. That space between today, and until you get to that final destination may not be a fulfilling journey.

The challenge we all face is that we want to reduce the expectation gap and find a way to be content right now. How can we create a habit around gratitude to be more in the moment and still have the patience to dream? Impatience is a real problem. We want to always hurry things along to get to the final outcome while missing the whole process along the way.

There’s also that sense of feeling of not being good enough yet, “but I will be…when I reach my goal”. The problem with this mindset is that you’re teaching yourself to always put happiness and success off until the next milestone is achieved. [continue reading…]

The Ultimate Shared To-Do List App For Couples

Shared To-Do List App For Couples

The problem in most households is getting things done where everyone feels involved and appreciated—in other words, being a productive couple. It’s easy to get caught up in how much you do versus how much he or she does. It’s like everyone is secretly keeping score. This friction builds, and eventually, arguments bubble up, and resentment kicks in.

A 2007 Pew Research Poll revealed that “sharing household chores” ranks third in importance to a successful marriage, trailing only faithfulness and good sex. [continue reading…]

Rainbow Falafel Salad

I love it when recipes come together out of a spontaneous mix of ingredients to make a quick lunch.  I had the grated carrot and purple cabbage chopped in the fridge from dinner the night before. There were some falafels in the fridge and some other random vegetables that needed to be used up. Well, they all worked so well together. So with half the job done, lunch that day took me no more than ten minutes to throw together. It looked so beautiful and tasted even better.

I quickly jotted down what I put in the salad and recreated it again the following week to make sure that it still turned out the same; however, this time, I made the falafels from scratch. You can, of course, use store-bought falafels for this recipe to speed up the process. I share a basic falafel recipe with you though that you can have for so many other things too. They can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a couple of days and reheated. [continue reading…]

Easy Homemade Falafels (Gluten-Free)

I love falafels. They would have to be one of my favourite foods when combined with the right condiments.

Soft but crispy, they are a little ball of goodness. I’ve created a recipe that uses them in this beautiful colourful salad, and will soon create a recipe that shows off my favourite way to have it in a wrap. Every time I go somewhere and I see falafels on the menu, I can’t help myself. The worse that could happen is that they are dry, but you can easily fix that with some extra sauce. That’s what you get with a pre-made mix or too much flour in the mix.

These are super moist and shouldn’t turn out dry. You can store these in the fridge for up to 2-3 days and reheat them if you wish before eating them. A great savoury snack to have in the fridge or a quick and easy lunch in a wrap or salad. [continue reading…]

Looking Past The Aesthetics of Minimalism – Episode 018

Unlike veganism, minimalism has no clear definition. There’s no real hard and fast rules about what it is and what it’s not. Has minimalism lost its true essence over the years with its popularity on the rise?

The feeling of having to start from scratch because you don’t have “the look” of how minimalist aesthetics have been portrayed on social media is what we talk a lot about in this episode. With YouTube channels boasting minimalist house tours, capsule wardrobe goals and everything in between, have we lost the real meaning of what minimalism really is? It’s not all about aesthetics.

We also want it to become a more attainable lifestyle. Seeing it as something that is helping you eliminate distractions, rather than create more work to decorate as a “minimalist” would. It’s the aesthetic that starts to trigger those insecurities.  [continue reading…]

My Struggles With Meditation

My Resistance With Meditation

How many of us have heard that we should be meditating? Most of us, right? The scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again, but still, many of us seem to ignore this fact. I know this all too well. I struggle with anxiety. I have for a long time. And with the known benefits of what meditation could do for me, I still struggle to sit down and do it. Why do I have so much resistance to it?

Now that I have a technique that I practice (well practice in theory), just reminding myself that I haven’t done it in a while can bring me even more anxiety. Counterproductive right? I say to myself, “I will do it as soon as I wake up after I go to the toilet and have a drink of water. Climb back into bed and get into it.” I feel like my day would start on the right foot if I did this. Yet, days, weeks, and months go by, and I still haven’t started it.

It’s interesting, I know that my anxiety will get better if I practice, but each day comes around, and I have a million other things competing for that time. So, as always, the meditation gets pushed aside yet again. Others things are a bigger priority, or so I think. What are these other tasks that take priority over something that should be as fundamental as eating and sleeping, in my opinion?  [continue reading…]

One-Pot French Lentil, Mushroom and Sage Stew

I grew up eating stews like this one all the time. I love them dearly. The perfect time to have them is when it’s cold or raining inside, and you make a big pot of lentil stew to share with your loved ones over by the fireplace with a glass of red and some fresh, soft and fluffy Italian bread.

I was recently reading a book about a Danish word that encompasses that feeling – hygge. That feeling of cosiness, comfort and sense of belonging. I love creating that feeling around food. And it’s meals like this French lentil, mushroom and sage stew that can easily create it. [continue reading…]