Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter – Episode 035

Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter

Physical clutter can be incredibly overwhelming.

Clutter on bench tops prevents you from getting full functionality out of your furniture. Clutter in your wardrobe creates too many decisions for you to make about what you’re going to wear. And clutter in your spare room represents a long list of to-dos you need to deal with.

If we objectively understand that clutter is stealing some of our overall happiness and clarity, why do many of us struggle to take action to remove clutter from our lives? [continue reading…]

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands

Have you been looking for ethical and sustainable clothing brands but have struggled because you know you’d have to spend hours upon hours doing the research yourself? We feel your pain. This is how this wonderful post came about.

A few years ago we shared an insightful Q & A with Joshua Katcher from The Discerning Brute. He shared his views and research on human rights and animal cruelty as it relates to the fashion industry. Since that post, TMV readers were keen to take action and find ethical fashion stores that they could support.

Having awareness of what’s really going on behind the scenes is always a good first step. However, we know when we first discovered the truth, we felt overwhelmed with what to do next. [continue reading…]

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

This creamy vegan mushroom risotto has some serious flavour! If you love Italian food, mushrooms and that umami in dishes, you’ll fall in love with this. I must admit, I used to suck at making risotto. 

They’d always turn into a gluggy mess, and the whole pot would pretty much become one big rice ball. I didn’t realise that there was an art to making a delicious and perfectly cooked risotto. 

Even though I wasn’t overly confident for many years making it at home, when I ate it out, I was never too impressed with it either. [continue reading…]

Let’s Talk About Toxic Chemicals – Episode 034

Let's Talk About Toxic Chemicals

Being a mindful consumer is more than assessing how much you consume through minimalism or what you consume through the lens of veganism. Even the sustainability of a product is not enough!

A significant part of the consumption puzzle lies in chemicals. Scientifically, there are some positive chemicals just as much as there are toxic chemicals. We’re going to focus specifically on the harmful ones.

Why do brands use harmful chemicals in products? How can you start to make better decisions for you and your family? [continue reading…]

What Is Vegan Leather?

What is vegan leather? Picture of a young woman with leather jacket and bag shopping

Here’s a quick breakdown of the events that led me to ask the question, what is vegan leather?

Up until the age of 26, I loved leather products. Whether it was spending months researching what leather wallet I should buy, to the best pigskin leather basketball to use, or finding the most luxurious leather jacket I could afford to go with my denim jeans.

I associated leather with quality. If I was going to buy leather shoes, I wanted durable, soft, and genuine leather shoes — none of this cardboard-like synthetic business. I wanted the real deal! [continue reading…]

No-Bake Ginger Slice (GF and Vegan)

No-Bake Ginger Slice

I know it can be hard to imagine a delicious, satisfying sweet that may not contain chocolate or fruit, but this no-bake ginger slice will certainly win you over, trust me! 

After scrolling through Pinterest one day, I was looking for some inspiration for developing a dessert recipe that was quick to make and that didn’t require an oven. Because, you know, sometimes it’s nice to not have to turn it on. I also wasn’t really interested in a raw style dessert, even though I’ve got plenty of those

The other great reason to not use an oven is when it’s boiling outside and you want something to treat yourself with. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is turn the oven on when it already feels like an oven inside! [continue reading…]

How To Say No: Even If You’re a People Pleaser – Episode 033

How To Say No: Even If You're a People Pleaser - Episode 033

It appears that some people blaze through life, knowing exactly what they want and have no problem saying no. However, they may come across as selfish, ruthless, or narrow-minded. Nevertheless, they are not over-committed and they generally live with incredible intentionality.

Then you have the other side of the spectrum. People who walk around saying yes to just about every opportunity and demand. You say yes for everything your boss throws at you, to your spouse, to your friends, to your child.

You just can’t help it. You want to please and you also don’t want to miss out. [continue reading…]

A Minimalists Guide To Gifting Experiences (90+ Ideas)

How often do you look back at old photos and think to yourself, “buying that top was such an amazing experience!”

I don’t imagine anyone would. 

Instead, I’m sure you remember when you had your first date with your partner, the holiday you took with your family where you laughed until you cried, or when your child was so proud of something they built themselves. 

You get the idea. The type of memorable moments that’ll put a smile on your face every time you think about them.

We rarely remember things that we’ve bought because we like them or must have it. Unless these items have some significant meaning, we tend to forget about them soon after purchase. Or in this case, after they’ve been gifted to us. [continue reading…]

Homemade Vegan Naan

homemade vegan naan

I must admit, I haven’t used yeast in the kitchen much. I’m a newbie when it comes to baking loaves of bread, and other baked goods like pastries. 

This is why I have found it intimidating to start experimenting and developing recipes like this homemade vegan naan. Working with yeast can feel like a completely new challenge, but I promise you, once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop! 

These vegan naans were the perfect way to ease my way into making dough. I love Indian food, and having naan with my curry is usually the highlight of my meal. I mean, how could it not? [continue reading…]

Why We Choose Not To Be Vegan Anymore – Episode 032

Why we choose not to be vegan anymore

As the vegan movement grows, it’s increasingly common to see folks go on and off and back on the vegan lifestyle.

This is particularly apparent with online content creators, as many influencers boycott veganism for various personal decisions.

It’s only natural for our beliefs to change over time. With such a convicted lifestyle, we’re curious to break down some of the recurring reasons as to why people stop being vegan.

Perhaps if we learn from these patterns, we can do a better job of having the right expectations when starting the vegan lifestyle for increased longevity. [continue reading…]