100+ Simple Tips To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

What does it mean to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

This is a question Maša, and I have been asking ourselves over the years. Since 2014, we’ve primarily focused on pairing down and giving up the consumption of animal products. We’re proud of these personal developments, but it’s just a few aspects of what it means to consume mindfully.

As described by Wikipedia, sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earths natural resources, and one’s personal resources.

On the surface, it can be incredibly daunting to reduce your environmental footprint, especially when you see that others around you are not doing their part. But when you break it down into small steps, you realise you have more power than you thought.

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Vegan Apple Crumble (Gluten-Free)

Vegan Apple Crumble

Apple crumble—one of those classic dessert dishes (and probably the oldest) that you can find. With so many variations of it out there, I wanted to keep it simple, tasty, vegan (of course) gluten-free and healthy(ish)!

You can jazz it up with some nuts, raisins or other fruits in the filling but I sometimes love to keep it simple and use spices to make it interesting. You can certainly opt-out of some of them, but they add a beautiful diverse range of flavours. Ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon are a great combination. [continue reading…]

The Challenges of Vegan Cooking at Home – Episode 028

The Challenges of Vegan Cooking at Home

In this episode, we discuss the possible challenges of cooking at home. We unpack our upbringings and how that reflected on our cooking styles and passion for making delicious food.

We discuss how important learning to cook at a young age is and that it should be a mandatory subject to do in school. Such a fundamental skill, yet not many people have acquired the basic acquirement of cooking at home.

We both love food and find eating out one of our favourite things to do. This helps us reflect on our recent experiences and how we are starting to enjoy cooking at home more than eating out. Making food at home and sharing it with others is such an important practice. [continue reading…]

How To Go Vegan- The Ultimate Guide

I’ve written this guide on how to go vegan because I wish I had this resource when I went vegan in 2014. I’ve learned a lot in five years, especially being a content creator and author on the topic for most of my time as a vegan.

Let’s talk more about you, though. You’re likely reading this because:

  1. You’re considering becoming vegan—maybe recently, or for a while. If you are, that’s awesome!
  2. Perhaps you’re already vegan, but you’re looking for some extra inspiration to stay consistent.
  3. You don’t have plans of being vegan but are just curious to see what I have to say.

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, my goal is to be brutally honest with you about what it takes to go vegan. This isn’t another post glorifying the vegan movement and talking about how easy it is to transition. Although it’s hard at times not to “sell” veganism because of what’s at stake (animals, environment, etc.). But hopefully, by being open with you, you’ll also be open to seeing that it’s not so hard after all. [continue reading…]

Vegan Miso Soup With Veggies & Noodles (Gluten-Free)

I’ve been meaning to experiment with different types of soups for a while but have always ended up sticking to what I know. You know, pumpkin soup, lentil soup or even just a quick miso soup.

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese food, and after being inspired by some soups I saw online, I felt like experimenting with some basic, yet common Japanese ingredients to see what kind of flavours I would get. This vegan miso soup with veggies & noodles is the perfect combination of flavours and is ready in just 30 minutes! [continue reading…]

Minimalist Exercise: Bringing Meaning To Movement with Gemma Davis - Episode 027

Developing an exercise habit has been a struggle for us, especially as we’ve gotten older. We both used to be quite active when we were younger, but over the years, we have dropped off exercise as a priority. The most that we get these days is a walk with our dog every day. Michael might do a short but explosive exercise routine, whereas Maša might do a yoga stretch once in a blue moon. 

It is something that we’re really conscious of starting up again, but there is some resistance there since we haven’t developed a habit out of it yet. We tend to go in and out of it. In this week’s podcast, we chat to our friend, yogi, author and naturopath, Gemma David from The Compassionate Road. She’s incredibly in tune with the needs of her body and has developed a deep physical, emotional and philosophical connection with movement—that cascades into the rest of her value-driven lifestyle. [continue reading…]

Mindful Consumption: A 6-Step Guide To Consuming Better

Mindful consumption is something Maša and I think about every day. If you’ve been following us, you know how much we care about paring down to the essentials.

Combine this philosophy with compassion for people, animals and the environment, and you have yourself a minimalist vegan.

The core of our message is the intersection of minimalism and veganism, which naturally falls under the umbrella of another buzzword, mindfulness.

Aspiring to live mindfully is admirable—but also comes with its share of challenges.

Problems originate from the internal battle of consumerism.

Consumption is what drives commerce. Our thirst for more is what advertisers try to exploit for profit, in a “free market” society.

It’s why we’ve become so disconnected from where our products come from. To the point that our decisions are destroying the lives of others and the planet. [continue reading…]

Simple Potato and Radicchio Salad

Potato, Radicchio and Caper Salad

I’m so excited to share this radicchio salad with you as it’s the perfect way to take advantage of this gorgeous plant. But first, let me give you some context.

Every winter that comes around, I find radicchio at the farmer’s markets. For many years, I didn’t like the taste of it. I found it way too bitter.

My mum would tell me “if you find any food too bitter, your body is saying that it needs bitter foods!”. So I started persisting with eating it, even though I wasn’t such a big fan. My favourite, and honestly the only way I’ve ever enjoyed it was in this potato and radicchio salad.

My mum made this salad a few times a year, and I enjoyed it. This winter, I started making it quite regularly. The original salad didn’t have the capers, but I added them in as they compliment the flavours really well. If you want some added crunch, you can also sprinkle some walnuts on top. [continue reading…]

Using Minimalism To Downsize Your Life – Episode 026

Using Minimalism To Downsize Your Life - Episode 026

This past year has pushed and challenged us in more ways we thought was possible. In our quest to support ourselves online and move to Slovenia, we’ve had to rethink the expectations of our means.

You hear it all of the time. One of the keys to happiness is living within or below your means. What does that mean exactly? What are one’s means? 

The pressure of money, if you’re not careful, can completely dominate how you experience life. We’ve all fallen into the trap of wanting more money so we can experience more of what life has to offer. Whether that’s through tangible goods or non-product related experiences. [continue reading…]

How Do You Know How Much To Discard As a Minimalist?

How Do You Know How Much To Discard As a Minimalist?

You’ve just gotten into minimalism and have gone on a decluttering rampage. Barely anything in your environment is adding value, and you won’t stop until you look around and only see the things that matter to you.

A few months pass, and you’re feeling the benefits of living with less. You feel increased clarity, and you’re more strict with what you consume.

But then, an event in your life presents itself. Only for you to realise that you could really use that dress you gave away, or that toolkit you sold—which you now need for a project. Damnit!

This happened to me recently. I’ve been invited out to a few formal occasions where I really could have used a suit. But when I look in my wardrobe, I don’t have any. [continue reading…]