The Power of Multipurpose Products

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  1. I like to use Virgin Coconut Oil on my face, body for skincare and oil-pulling for oral care (when I make the time for oil-pulling). I especially like using it on my scalp and hair prior to shampooing it out. I only use it on my face during the Fall, Winter, and early Spring months; my facial skin is combination and it gets too slick in the later Spring and Summer months. Now that I read about Black Chicken from your post, I’m exploring that skincare line as well.

  2. Hi there!
    It’s a good point about the phone! Mine is of normal size, but it is still my main tool for Internet. I don’t blog, I just read them, so the small screen works just fine. For some tasks I need to use my husbands laptop (once a week or so). So one laptop and two phones are all we need.

    Oh, also, my coffee cup is so big that I can use it for food also, and I do, daily. So a bowl and a cup in one.

    I’ve been thinking of getting some “bigger/longer” underpants, like shorts or boxers or what-they’re-called, that would also serve as home-pants 🙂 🙂 without me looking too naked. So that I could just put my jeans on, my jacket on and go outside. I don’t like having jeans or other big-thick pants on when I’m at home, it’s uncomfortable.
    Hope it’s not too weird 🙂 🙂

    1. I love the idea of having an oversized cup! Will definitely have to try that out.

      It looks like you have a few handy multipurpose tools in your household. Thanks for sharing.

      PS – not weird at all – I hate wearing jeans at home 🙂