Your Email Inbox Matters

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  1. Hi Michael! I loved the inbox zero idea. As a matter of fact, I have very recently started unsubscribing to newsletters that are no longer relevant to me. It feels much better to open a not so cluttered inbox. (Still need to work on it)
    Our online lives are already too overwhelming as it is, why should we make it worse, right? I was actually getting anxious every time I opened my inbox. I feel like I owe it to the person/company on the other site to open and read what they send me. It’s a question of respect for people’s time. Does that make sense? Anyway, it became virtually impossible to go over all emails and I was leaving behind the articles I really wanted to read (like The Minimalist Vegan’s newsletters!). No longer a problem now!
    This article has inspired me to go back and do more “cleaning up”! 😉 Good job for a Sunday morning!
    All the best you guys. Wishing you both a wonderful week!
    (Oh, before I go, here’s food for thought for a future post: what is your take on “minimalizing” on social media platform? Another overwhelming aspect of online life! I have noticed that you have only Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I have those plus Twitter, Bloglovin and Youtube, but I’ve been thinking of deleting my Twitter account. I just don’t see the point of so many things going on. What do you guys thing?)

    1. I would also love to hear about your take on social media. For the month of January I actually took myself completely off all platforms. I also made a rule for myself, no screen time (of any kind) after 8pm and before 8am. I’ve found that I really don’t miss Facebook as much as I thought I would and the no screen time, time has allowed me to do other things like read more books and I’ve taken up mediation as well. Technology is wonderful, but I do remember a time without it and somedays it’s hard to say which time was better or easier. This little experiment has definitely helped me uncluttered my mind. I feel calmer and less reactive. I also use my “screens” as tools more so than escapes from everyday life. Can’t wait to hear what you can offer to this! Happy Sunday to you!

    2. Hi Luciana & Ashley,

      Firstly, Luciana, I’m so stoked that this article has inspired you to continue cleaning up your digital life. Hope you had a good Sunday session, and are feeling much better now 🙂

      Regarding your questions about social media, Masa wrote a piece about this very topic last year called; Yes, I Don’t Want To Quit Social Media, which you can find here

      We have a slightly different take on the use case for social media as it relates to our priorities. Would love to get your take as well 🙂