How To Stay Positive When You Know The Truth About The Food System

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  1. I really appreciate these words of wisdom. I get so frustrated and so sad when I see the vegan posts showing all the horrible reasons to #ditchdairy. I feel helpless oftentimes as the factory farms seem to flourish and laws passed protecting their barbaric practices.
    I take solace in the idea that my individual veganism is somehow making a difference.

  2. Tim Canfield says:

    Thank you for this post. This is something I struggle with. Being a new vegan in the last 6 months or so, I honestly don’t know any other vegans so there’s a sense of feeling disconnected at times. But looking at the positive effects of what I can control helps. I’m also going to seek out others in my community via and the Anonymous for the Voiceless mentioned above. One thing that helps me is writing. On my Instagram, I try to include a post with my photography that helps to open others eyes.

    1. Congrats on starting your vegan journey! Sounds like you have equipped yourself with the right tools to meet like minded people and spread the word about veganism. Bets of luck.

  3. For me it is very helpful and important to support, visit and physically show up in those places that have this positive spirit and are based on joy, life and love instead of destruction, exploitation and efficiency. Being in such places, or reading about them, watching documentaries etc and seeing people working with food and animals with so move love and joy, brings a lot of hope. Energy flows where attention goes they say, so let’s focus our attention on those places, people and initiatives we love to see growing and flourish:) and fuel yourself with positive energy to keep up the good work along the way!

  4. Carla Fraser says:

    I’ve shared this with so many friends. It’s so ‘spot on’ .. it can you get down and I’m glad you wrote this. Thank you.

  5. One of the biggest things that has helped me be more positive is by joining Anonymous for the Voiceless street activism. If you haven’t heard of it, groups of people all over the world join together to make a “Cube of Truth” showing people on the streets footage of what really happens behind their food choices. It’s great to get involved with other like minded vegans, but it’s also amazing to watch and talk to people about veganism and help to educate and inform them about the meat, dairy and egg industries. I would recommend every vegan join their local group, as you can choose how much you want to be involved. It can be as easy as standing behind a screen or sign wearing a mask not having to talk at all, or as challenging as talking to people and answering their questions/arguments. I try not to watch too much cruelty footage myself now though as I find it gets me down, and now that I know I will never go back, I feel like I don’t need to!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Lucy! Definitely sounds like a great way to support the community and also help others see behind closed doors.