Minimalist Vegans Moving To Slovenia – Episode 014

Minimalist Vegans Moving To Slovenia - Episode 014

In mid-2018, we made the decision to close our online store and start making plans to move to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Those plans involved us going full-time with The Minimalist Vegan in April of this year. We have done that and now are working hard towards making our dreams come true and moving to a city that has been calling us for many years.

Maša spent the first eight years of her life in Ljubljana and had dreamt of moving back ever since. Michael visited back in 2015 and fell in love with the Medieval city.

With our dog Chewy, we are moving to Europe in August of this year.

We get asked every day, why Slovenia? What will you do for work? Why would you leave Australia? And the list goes on and on.

In this conversation, we share with you the answers to all those questions and share with you our exciting new adventure!

“People would ask us why? And the question that we would ask back is well why not?”

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  • Laurrn 29/02/2020 Reply

    Ticks: we have a spray we use on our dog that’s made from natural herbs and essential oils and can be used on humans too. Works fairly well, however, for doggies safety in the summer (height of tick season–funny how we have seasons for pesky things that come after us, growing up in Northern Cal, we had spider web season. webs would blow through the air and stick to you. LOL) since doggy is running about, we do give him tick medicine because the tick population is so heavy, we live in the woods where there are lots of deer. After we found a bloated tick on his doggy bed that obviously fed until it was full and then fell off (I’ve totally got the heebs right now) we take extra precautions.
    We cover our skin when out in the garden, yard or woods. I HATE insects especially the ones that host on you and suck your blood and leave behind bad things.
    Oh and eat lots of garlic too most insect dislike garlic flavored blood and Google natural essential oils and herbs for detracting ticks.
    Hope this helps.
    MidWest, USA

  • Aljeesh 25/09/2019 Reply

    Lovely story, yours!

    I am just beginning to consider a move to Croatia or Slovenia or Poland. Though I started the thought with Croatia very high on my mind, Slovenia has slowly grown into that space now. And yes, I will be moving with my wife and 2 kids. We come from India.

    I am planning a 2-3 week “go around” , “look around” trip in November this year to the 3 countries + Austria. Would be great to meet with you guys while I am in Slovenia and you could help me understand the details better.

    Let us connect!
    Warm regards,

    • Hi Aljeesh, wow, what an exciting time for you and your family!
      We’re still based in Australia, and our move will be pushed till sometime next year. If things line up, we would love to connect. But based on your “look around” we may be picking your brain haha.
      Drop us an email as you get further along in your journey.
      Michael & Maša

  • Yurena 20/05/2019 Reply

    Great decision, guys. I am currently working in Bulgaria myself and this part of the world – all the Slavic nations- are gradually progressing towards an animal cruelty-free lifestyle. I remember when I moved here in 2017 and just mentioning the word “vegetarian” and that I had worked for the Scottish Wildlife Trust – I am transitioning to vegan these days- brought lots of tasteless jokes and even insults from the locals. Now Sofia is full of vegetarian restaurants, a branch of the vegan chain of eating places Loving Hut and lots of people volunteer and have discussions on issued related to animal welfare. Slovenia is stunningly beautiful and a great opportunity for both of you to contribute to this change with the wealth of knowledge you are bringing to Europe.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Yurena and for your lovely comment. It’s slowly starting to shift. We love Loving Hut. The one in Ljubljana, in particular, is one of our favourites. Imagine what it would have been like 20 years ago if it’s still a struggle now?! Enjoy Bulgaria!

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