The Vegan Trade Off

What could some of the trade-offs for being vegan be? In this podcast episode, we reflect on the honest truth about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, and how it can be an adjustment for your tastebuds to continue to be excited about food once you remove products that contain meat, dairy and eggs. 

We’ve been vegan for five years now and have spoken to many people about veganism. We’ve reflected on how veganism has changed even in the short time that we have lived this lifestyle, and the gap for excuses in becoming vegan is slowly diminishing.

Maša shares a personal story about a decision that she made a few years ago that convinced her that certain foods even though they may seem appealing, may not be all they cracked up to be. 

The simple question is, do you want to contribute to the suffering of other sentient beings? If not, veganism is worth some sacrifice. The mission is much higher than what we choose to put in our mouths.

“I would rather eat food that I can eat with a piece of mind, then know that I’ve contributed to another being being killed or exploited for my meal. “

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