Would You Live In a Tiny House?

We’ve recently found ourselves binge-watching Tiny House shows on YouTube. It’s been fascinating watching people of all walks of life decide to downsize into such a small yet personalised space.

Their motivations are different depending on their age and values. Some owners are single and looking to escape their fast city life and decide to live in the woods in their small house.

Retired baby boomer couples choose to pair down in a stable location to keep their costs down while having an incredibly personalised home.

Then there’s a minimalist vegan couple in Australia who want to reduce their ecological imprint while still having the ability to enter the property market at an affordable price.

All of these stories have inspired us to think differently about tiny houses, and honestly, we may very well join the movement in the future!

In this episode, we break down the pros and cons of tiny house living, and we have an honest conversation about how we would approach it if we decided to go down that path.

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Would You Live In a Tiny House?

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