Owning Your Identity – Episode 031

Young woman contemplating life.

“I’m an aspiring minimalist. I’m a transitioning vegan. I love to write, but I’m not a writer.” Does this sound familiar?

Today we’re breaking down the pros and cons of owning your identity. We look at the stigma of labels, and when and how to use them to your advantage. This topic is especially close to home for us, as we’ve built a brand around two identities, minimalism and veganism.

While at times it can feel restrictive to make bold claims about what you stand for, we’ve found so many benefits from owning our identities.

If you struggle with labels and identity and find yourself being non-committal, then this episode is for you.

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  • Nancy 24/09/2019 Reply

    Hi. I have an old phone and used to be able to download your episodes direct from your website to listen to later on when i have time but now that option is gone. Is there any other way to download it for those of us who dont have iphones or android phones and cant be chained to a laptop for an hour?

    • Hi Nancy, apologies, we didn’t realise that our player had changed. The option to download is still there. If you’re visiting the webpage from a phone, tap on the share button. From there you’ll have the option to download the episode. If you’re on a computer, hover your mouse over the audio player, and you’ll see the share button. Please email us directly if you’re still having problems with the file info@theminimalistvegan.com

      • Nancy 25/09/2019 Reply

        It wont work on my phone anymore at all but the instructions you left for my laptop did work, so thankyou, glad to be still able to hear you guys. All the best..

        • Oh, that’s a bit of a shame, but we’re glad you were able to at least access on your computer. Thank you for being flexible! Have a lovely week, Nancy.

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