Unlike veganism, minimalism has no clear definition. There’s no real hard and fast rules about what it is and what it’s not. Has minimalism lost its true essence over the years with its popularity on the rise?

The feeling of having to start from scratch because you don’t have “the look” of how minimalist aesthetics have been portrayed on social media is what we talk a lot about in this episode.

With YouTube channels boasting minimalist house tours, capsule wardrobe goals and everything in between, have we lost the real meaning of what minimalism really is? It’s not all about aesthetics.

We also want it to become a more attainable lifestyle. Seeing it as something that is helping you eliminate distractions, rather than create more work to decorate as a “minimalist” would. It’s the aesthetic that starts to trigger those insecurities. 

This conversation has lots of twists and turns and we hope that it gives you more courage to be yourself within minimalism. As you will hear, it’s not all about white walls and white furniture. 

“The disapointing fact that someone would say that they cannot feel the benefits of minimalism because they are not aesthetically there, is not what minimalism is about.”

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Looking Past The Aesthetics of Minimalism

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