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  1. Hi Guys!

    I really loved this episode and I guess it was what I needed to heay to stay strong and compassionate though different points of view with close ones and to keep a growth mindset perspective throught the challendge of opening discussion with non vegan humans.

    It still a challenge emotionally I would say, as a highly sensitive being, but still, it’s inspiring to hear other point of view about that reality.

    Thank you guys for your precious thoughts, reserach and relfexions !


    1. Hi Alexe, sorry, just catching up on comments! We’re so glad you enjoyed the episode. It was one of the more transformative episodes (personally) that we’ve recorded. It’s tough, especially if you’re pretty sensitive. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

  2. loved this episode, guys! such an important but uncomfortable topic, I had the feeling that 2020 was so challenging due to the opposing views everyone was holding — which made me crawl into my own echo chamber most of the time, haha.
    I’m so happy to have been able to let others challenge my views and this resulted in pretty big mindset shifts 🙂 I hope there are more to come!
    keep up the great work

    1. Aw, we’re so glad you enjoyed this episode. We’re already feeling way more aware of our own bias in every interaction. Lol, yes, 2020 felt like the year to recluse, but hopefully, we can engage more in these conversations in 2021. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! 🙂 Michael