is glue vegan

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  1. I’m old enough that I still think of horses every time I think of glue. I’m grateful for that imprinting, but it’s something that, until now, I hadn’t thought beyond. Love this resource.

  2. Charmaine says:

    This was interesting and something I never thought about.

  3. very interesting article. I had never considered the question of whether glue was vegan so thanks for informing me. You mentioned ways to tell how household glue is vegan or not but do you have any suggestions w/ regards to used to produce products such as sneakers or books?


    1. Hi Jacquie, pre-made products using glue is a tough one. I’ve resorted to emailing the brands when purchasing notebooks and shoes. As for books, it hasn’t seemed practical to follow up—so I take it at face value.

      1. thanks for getting back to me and in terms of brands will start doing the same. With regards to books, i wish there was a vegan bookmaker. Perhaps someday….