Is Beeswax Vegan and What Are The Alternatives

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  1. Interesting question! I didn’t know that beeswax could be vegan or not. It would be great to learn more about the alternatives available for those who prefer plant-based products.

  2. Are any of these waxes edible? Or safe to consume? I restore antique/vintage cast iron. Ive been using Crisbee to season pieces. The challenge I have is I want to give clients a true vegan option. Crisco is technically vegan but I don’t like the looks of the ingredients on the container.

  3. This info blew me away: bees need to visit an estimated 30 million flowers to produce a pound of wax. Plus, I really didn’t know that beeswax isn’t vegan and that there are concerns with how it’s harvested and how it affects the bees. This was such a wonderful article, it opened my world a bit more so thank you for all this detailed information! I hope many people will consider using the alternatives to beeswax that you mentioned, I know I will be more aware of them.

  4. Josrphine Skitt says:

    Ive just learned that Vintage & Co Mini Hand Care set which says cruelty free & vegan friendly contains beeswax. Not happy as i took them at their word. This shows we need to pay close attention to ingredients on line instead of taking manufacturers word for stuff

  5. Thanks for your insight – I was on the verge of buying otherwise animal-free cosmetics, and wrestling with the questions surrounding the use of beeswax. Now I know, I’ll avoid products with beeswax.
    It can be hard to spot, luckily the site had ingredients in plain English, otherwise I’d not have spotted it.
    Thanks again, blessings.

  6. Hurraw! Lip glosses are wonderful. I had ordered several from them years ago. They even enclosed a full-sized sample of another flavor with my order.
    Their black cherry flavor gives a nice tint, similar to Dr. Pepper flavor of Bonnie Belle’s Lip Smackers.
    Soothing Touch, Coconut Lime flavor, is my favorite right now. Vegan and 85% organic.

    1. I’m thrilled we share the same passion for Hurraw! You may have inspired us to venture beyond vanilla 😂