What is Gelatine and Why isnt it Vegan Explanation Alternatives

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  1. What a wonderful and comprehensive article! When I taught nine year old children, I told them that JELL-O stood for Just Everything Lousy Left Over and then explained how their treat was made from animal byproducts.

    When some acted as if I had made it up, I challenged them to find out otherwise on the internet. Of course, none could find any evidence to contradict. Many of them stopped eating it.

  2. Thanks for the article on gelatin.
    I thought gelatine was made from dead horses hooves!!
    Also Fussy Vegan has found that a lot of bottled fruit juices are filtred through gelatin so not vegan. They are  in the Fussy Vegan ap which I use to scan product barcode, and listed on Fussy Vegan FB page.