is mohair ethical? angora goats

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  1. Dear Minimalist Vegan , Whilst as a Vegan myself I agree on some points, I would like to raise a few thoughts , whilst I totally agree that some wool and Mohair production is un ethical this falls in the largest part in the category of large scale commercial farming, When I decided to go from vegetarian to vegan 20 years ago I worked in the arts and crafts industry organizing events for Artists and Makers I also ran a shop and Gallery selling hand made and as ethically sourced things as was possible particularly Natural fiber textiles, , I knitted and spun , At the point of deciding to go vegan I had the choice either to ban all artists using what might be considered non vegan materials , to close down the fairs, or to decide to use the platform to actually educate people ..of course I chose the latter, I had two contributors apart from my self who used Wool , one bought only from small local organic flocks, of course this meant that animal welfare was already a priority it must also be considered that these are small rural farms most of whom keep small flocks and are very proud of what they produce and on the whole theses farmers absolutely care about the animals , they actually love them just as many do their pets, the second lady bread sheep for the wool and also kept Goats I met them personally they were happy, healthy and lived a life of riley, so would you if you lived rent free and all you had to do was eat bracken ( which they love ) and share your fleece yearly which was not taken unkindly but sheered with care , for this trade of the sheep and the Goats got acres of beautiful Welsh country side to roam freely in , they got free health care ‘Homeopathy’ not chemical! Now If I as a Vegan decided to boycott this rather than to support it then I would just have been being foolishly self righteous, and no one benefits from this kind of stand off , I had another knitter who used Bamboo and some of the new alternative fibers , but personally as an environmentalist there are problems with this as to extract the fibers the processing entails a lot of chemical or environmentally detrimental processes, so No the answer is not in the new alternatives , is in educating people to buy only ethically sourced wool from reputable caring local farms, and to be prepared to pay a fair price, paying a fair price will allow the good farmers to ern a living and have enough money to actually care for their animals , Ok we have to accept that some of theses farmers are meet eaters , we must not forget that meat eating is the cultural norm for the farming community , there will be change but we have to let it come natural through education not attack or boycott, that is no way to make friends or to be listened to .
    We have to be prepared to work together, avoiding the temptation to tar all with the same brush, we have to be intelligent and to an extent tolerant.. and as far as the subject of Minimalism goes, I am with you on that one too we use and waste too much, as a culture we have fallen for the consumerist lifestyle hook line and sinker, …we need to adjust our thinking we need to be prepared to pay a fair price for locally produced food and goods which we will have to accept will cost more especially if we expect an ethically produced quality product then we look after what we have we value it and make it last this is respect all round not just for Animals but for the Environment and for people too . if positive change is to happen respect all round is the only way .

  2. An Angora Goat says:

    Not only do you not understand what the term ethical means, but you make so many ridiculous assumptions here, and it’s shocking that you don’t realize that this is why so many people don’t like vegetarians or vegans. You have no idea what you’re talking about, and try to dictate how others who actually spend their lives with these animals think and feel about them. This makes it seem like you haven’t ever even been around much less taken care of or bonded with any animal that wasn’t a common pet, especially considering the outright asinine notion that someone won’t care about an animal unless it’s making a profit. Furthermore, stop trying to use buzzwords like “exploitation” in an attempt to misconstrue information that will get people to support your ignorant outlook, every living thing exploits and manipulates to world around it to survive, to live. That’s called life. The plants you eat (which also are aware of their surroundings, and are able to understand that you’re destroying them by harvesting them for food consumption) exploit the sun and minerals in the soil to sustain themselves, just as you exploit the plants, just as predators, scavengers, and again, even multiple plant species exploit other living creatures for food. Life is life, these things are intrinsically equivalent, and trying to act superior when you’re so obviously uneducated and uninformed on this subject only draws support from other ignorant people, hence why you’re presenting blatant falsehoods to keep them ignorant instead of actually encouraging them to learn, something you need to do more of yourself. No, plenty of people treat livestock, including angora goats, in an entirely ethical and even more, a loving and caring manner, whereas I imagine that you spend no time supporting or helping any animals whatsoever. You’re a hypocrite, and a particularly awful person for trying to spread ridiculous lies on top of it. Instead of trying to pass judgement on things you have no experience with, actually put yourself in these situations and see what reality is like, grow up and expand your understanding of the world instead of trying to openly degrade others with falsehoods. The difference between an animal that is nurtured and supported and one that’s neglected or abused is immediately apparent if you had ever spent time with these animals. You’re the textbook definition of a poser, and you’re going to inevitably cause more harm to animals, including human beings, than you’ll help by spreading completely incorrect information to others. You should be ashamed of yourself for such pathetic behavior, and your entire perception of the treatment of angora goats in particular is woefully and laughably false, which again, is quite obvious to anyone who actually spends time with these animals and puts in the effort to take care of them while you pretend as if you’re doing right by these animals, and the people who read this insane drivel, with a keyboard. What an absolute joke, you’re genuinely part of the problem when it comes to misinformation and your website should be taken down if this is the content you produce. Although it will likely be more trouble than someone like you is worth, I’m very much considering making your horribly fake insight into these matters known to others, you deserve to lose your outlet for nonsensical accusations posthaste

  3. Anonymous says:

    “ Additionally, many angora goats are confined to small pens or cages their entire lives and are never allowed to graze or roam freely.”
    This is not true.
    In South Africa the goats roam freely and are only placed in a pen when it’s shearing time or if it is cold and rainy weather.