ryze mushroom coffee

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  1. Thomas Scharkley says:

    How was it Sharon, does it have those notes of dark coffee, along with that bold coffee flavor?

  2. HELLO

    I ordered 2 Rvze. and when I closed that out you offered 1 more for less, mayb $20?
    and then the order was blocked.

    can you ship a total of 3. not on sub.

    let me know if you got this thanks

  3. Nathan Schultz says:

    I received a second shipment I didn’t order a second shipment please don’t send any more and take the cost off my bill please. I live on a small budget so please take it off

  4. Gwendolyn says:

    I ordered the ryze, to try it. The company have the payment on automatic. I can’t turn it off. Please be aware before you try, I don’t recall setting up an account for them to continue taking $70.

  5. I can’t yet speak to its affects on the body as it has only been a week for me. It tastes like chalk in water. I am not getting any mushroom vibe from the flavor. Like nut milks not being milk, but actually being juice, this “coffee” is not coffee.

  6. Carla Peplinski says:

    I read Ryze contains oats, I cannot find if that’s true or not.

  7. Dawn Owens says:

    I ordered the starter pack and now I just received 2 more bags not any where did I sign up for this !! I don’t know how or why I am receiving these!! I don’t appreciate having $66.00 taken out of my account and have 2 bags delivered to my house!! I want to know how to have this stopped immediately!!


    If you do, you will automatically be subscribed to monthly shipments, whether you want it or not. I bought as a guest without an actual account and had no way to “sign in” to turn this off. They refused to stop the second shipment and charged me anyway. These people are like so many others who operate this way. Buy somewhere else from people with integrity.

    1. I just changed my card. You shouldn’t have to do that. But I didn’t submit a cancel order request either but. Hopefully you can find an alternative.

  9. Sharon Smith says:

    Be careful ordering this coffee and creamer as they don’t respond when you want to return it and get your money back.

  10. BIBI SAMAROO says:

    I need to return Ryze because I cant stomach it it upset it my stomach. please advise how to return it

  11. Thank you for this thorough review of RYZE. I have just ordered my first bag of RYZE and am looking forward to my first cup. I am , however, a dark coffee drinker and am hoping that the coffee flavor in RYZE is not too weak.

    1. Susan Henning says:

      It is definitely a weaker taste than dark coffee but I feel so much better drinking Ryze! I like the flavor I add hazelnut creamer, now im addicted to it!!!no more jitters or stomach issues 😊