Mini Vegan Mango Cheesecakes


  1. Can I substitute coconut cream with something like tofu? My family doesn’t really like the coconut flavor. Can I swirl the mango in the cheesecake filling?

    1. Hi Minita, I haven’t tried it myself but you can give silken tofu a go! Just make sure that they set really well in the fridge before serving. Maybe use refined coconut oil instead and add an extra tablespoon of it. You sure can, it would be very pretty with the mango swirl 🙂

  2. Nice and simple recipe. Any reason you left the lemon juice out of the filling? I noticed it’s on your other cheese cake recipe which also looks great.

  3. The cheesecakes are delicious! But I’m curious if anyone else’s mango puree turned green. I left them in the fridge for two days. It’s not mold. It’s a consistent light green. It doesn’t seem like oxidation and tastes and smells fine.

    1. Can you set these in the fridge rather than the freezer and if so, how long would they need to be in the fridge for?

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