How To Make The Men In Your Life Go Vegan

We recently watched The Game Changers, which follows James Wilks (ex MMA fighter) around the world as he finds links between physical performance and a plant-based diet.

We couldn’t help but notice that this documentary was marketed heavily to men who are sceptical about trying a vegan diet.

The Game Changers got us thinking deeply about why men, in particular, seem to resist veganism more than women.

This is not just coming from us. Numbers show time and time again that between 63-79% of the vegan population are women, depending on the country.

Why is that?

Is it because of a perceived loss in masculinity, performance, taste in food? It’s likely a combination of all three.

In this episode, we use Michael’s experience of being a part of these “manly” communities to discuss how to encourage men to go vegan.

“Veganism is not difficult because you’re changing your diet, it’s difficult because of the social dynamics.”

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How To Make The Men In Your Life Go Vegan

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  1. I enjoyed Michael’s take from the male perspective during this episode. However being a single plant based woman, I was hoping to hear some actual tips on how to get the men I date to convert. So I’ve decided to remain single until I meet a vegan man. It’s really tough, but I no longer want to compromise my beliefs.

    1. Hi Starlet, I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! It’s tough out there, with not many vegan men compared to women. I felt that we had some practical suggestions in the episode – keeping in mind that we don’t have the power to make people do anything. Here’s a quick summary:

      1. Help men overcome masculinity issues in social situations – discuss how impressive it is to be a leader, not a follower, and the toughness required to be vegan, against the status quo.
      2. Help men overcome doubts of performance on a vegan diet – refer them to watch The Game Changers, also provide examples of high-performing athletes on a plant-based diet. Jokingly link to The Penis Book, which shows early evidence of a plant-based diet helping performance “down there.”
      3. Help men overcome their emotional connection to animal-based foods – this comes down to demonstrating incredible vegan food, whether it’s through cooking or eating out.

      I hope this helps at least a little. Thanks again for tuning in 🙂 Michael

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