How To Make The Men In Your Life Go Vegan

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  1. I enjoyed Michael’s take from the male perspective during this episode. However being a single plant based woman, I was hoping to hear some actual tips on how to get the men I date to convert. So I’ve decided to remain single until I meet a vegan man. It’s really tough, but I no longer want to compromise my beliefs.

    1. Hi Starlet, I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! It’s tough out there, with not many vegan men compared to women. I felt that we had some practical suggestions in the episode – keeping in mind that we don’t have the power to make people do anything. Here’s a quick summary:

      1. Help men overcome masculinity issues in social situations – discuss how impressive it is to be a leader, not a follower, and the toughness required to be vegan, against the status quo.
      2. Help men overcome doubts of performance on a vegan diet – refer them to watch The Game Changers, also provide examples of high-performing athletes on a plant-based diet. Jokingly link to The Penis Book, which shows early evidence of a plant-based diet helping performance “down there.”
      3. Help men overcome their emotional connection to animal-based foods – this comes down to demonstrating incredible vegan food, whether it’s through cooking or eating out.

      I hope this helps at least a little. Thanks again for tuning in 🙂 Michael