can vegans eat bread? different types of bread

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  1. Would you say pretzels are usually vegan too? Do you know if there’s anything to look out for (other than toppings or coatings) when it comes to soft baked pretzels? Thanks so much x

    1. Hi Mel, from what I can see, pretzels often have butter and sometimes eggs in the recipe, so you’ll want to double-check. I’m grateful to have some friends in town who make mouthwatering vegan pretzels 🙂

  2. awilensky29 says:

    I like Dave’s organic breads and buns and vegan pretzel rolls. Most bagels are vegan. When I ask bagel shops for the ingredients in their bagels, I always get the same answer: flour, salt, yeast, water and sometimes sugar (which I know is not always technically vegan). Obviously, egg bagels are not vegan, but the plain, sesame, and poopy seed bagels from all of the 20+ bagel shops I have been to are vegan. In fact, Dunkin Donuts and Panera bagels are vegan as well. Please pass me the vegan cream cheese.

    1. You’re right about bagels (they’re not as popular in Australia). Also, good point about sugar. I’m glad you can find plenty of vegan-friendly bread options in your area. Thanks for sharing!