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  1. I agree completely:) A lot of them have helped me when I switched to a vegan diet.
    I am now trying to create as well, hope I will, one day, help others too.
    Being vegan is a relief, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks for a great list! It is hard to keep up with all the cool makers out there, so I enjoy a good list like this!

  3. You actually mentioned a few I didn’t know about (Radhi Devlukia and Good Eatings) and I’m always on YouTube!

    I’m not a fan of unnatural vegan though. I find her snarky and her energy just rubs me the wrong way. Hard to listen to someone when you don’t respect their delivery.

    1. Hi Kari, I’m glad you discovered some YouTube channels!
      For Unnatural Vegan, I get that her delivery can be polarising at times — I felt the same way initially.
      I don’t always agree with her. But there have been times when her take makes more sense than most of the vegan content on the same topic. Thanks for commenting!