What's Up With The Fashion Industry?

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  1. Thank you for publishing this, I really appreciated it.
    Could you share a few thoughts on buying fashion second-hand as a possible alternative? Is it sustainable? What are the pros and cons with on the level of ethics? Thank you for your engagement!

    1. Glad you found the post useful. I don’t think Joshua is available to answer this question. But personally, we see second-hand as a viable alternative. However, I would be just wary of the trap of excessive consumption just because it’s second-hand.

  2. Thank you again for making this available to share with the world!.. If people that buy “leather” goods would know that it may not be cow only but other animals as well, they may not like it!.. With today’s technology and the possibility of making fibers and leather-like products without harming animals, there shouldn’t be any reason to more killing and torture!

    1. Well said Rosanna, completely agree. We’re at an exciting time where I nnovation can be used to do less harm to animals.

  3. Any recommendations or lists of women’s ethical clothing lines? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sophie, great question. We’ll be putting together a post with a list of ethical clothing lines. Stay tuned!

  4. Thanks for the time all of you took to do this insightful interview. Very interesting to read and more sources to investigate and share with my husband and kids.