The Link Between Consumerism and Toxic Chemicals

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  1. The story sounds very familiar, I went through with very similar process, with main focus on animal testing and vegan ingredients, now also excluding nasty chemicals. It was very difficult in the beginning but now it became a second nature. And yes, somehow the amount of cosmetics and cleaning products decreased, without me even trying to downsize, I often make my own with surprisingly good results, now I find the synthetic smells of supermarket bought cosmetics and cleaning products offensive. The only thing I miss is good perfume that lasts but it’s not a big deal when I know that I no longer contribute to animal cruelty.

    1. Thanks for sharing Aga. So true right, when you narrow down your choices, what you’re naturally happy to go without. You can get some great oil-based perfumes or perfumes with an alcohol base that only use natural and plant-based ingredients. The thing that makes the chemical ones last on your skin longer are the phthalates. So we have been conditioned to believe that perfume should last on your skin all day.

  2. Wow! This article was timely for me and because of it I am really encouraged to be more consistent with my product use. I am struggling to find ones that are healthy, work, and accessible as I live in a rural area. I will really look forward to the next article of what to avoid. Thanks so much, this conversation is necessary.

    1. Glad to hear it Calora! It can certainly be tricky to find products that tick all the boxes. Can you get much delivered to your area by post? Also which country do you live in? I can possibly help you find some resources or products that I think could be a good start. Alternatively, you can try making your own?