overwhelmed by clutter

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  1. Lyn Turner says:

    Take photos of sentimental, favourite, things you know you don’t have room or the space to keep it. Before you give it to your sibling/s, sell it or donate it.

  2. Kelly McLaughlin says:

    Thank you for this – perfectly timed as I start to grapple with my clutter problem.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful article. My favorite decluttering tip is to stop the hobby of shopping. I am half way through a three day weekend and have everything I need at home. Fewer items come home = less to declutter in the future. We have a recycle center where cardboard, glass, etc. are dropped off and useful items are placed in a free store. I drop off items regularly and have “scored” a crock pot/slow cooker, electronic juicer, a watering can, ceramic planters and a few other items. When I move, the items will get donated back.

    1. Ah yes, kicking your hobby shopping habit is a great decluttering tip. I also love how you use the recycle centre to rotate items you need at the time. Thanks for sharing, Rhea!