Can Vegans Eat Avocados Pollinated By Migratory Bees

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  1. knowing that the foods you mentioned are necessary and are for pure taste-pleasure, why not just avoid them to play it safe?

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful article. A similar situation I have come across is our locally grown hot house tomatoes. Last year I went on a tour of a tomato greenhouse and learned that they purchase bumblebees to pollinate the hothouse tomatoes. It is concerning to see how animals lives have been incorporated at almost all levels of food production.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that, Amit! I hope you have a small support network as you make the switch. And yes, there are always things to consider with everything we consume. It’s the inconvenient truth. All the best.

  4. I really love reading this. Thank you for laying out the logical, the important, and the steps one can take. So helpful for us to ponder.

  5. Great article, thanks. It’s easier for us (Australians) to only eat avocados grown in our own country, the only decision to be made is whether to buy New Zealand avocado which turns up occasionally. Much harder if you live in the UK (for example) as I don’t expect they don’t grow any.

    1. Thanks, Jillo! Yes, location is always going to play a role. I’m not sure how avocados are farmed in the UK but reading the comments in this article, it certainly seems possible.