Raw Vegan Zesty Lemon Slice by The Minimalist Vegan


  1. It’s setting in the fridge… fingers crossed. It was so easy to make and the creamy mixture tastes sooo good without even freezing it! Thanks for sharing this with the world

  2. Hi I made the slice and the lemon top hasn’t set, maybe to much lemon juice, could I scrape it off and add more melted coconut oil?

  3. Am looking for a lemon slice that I can keep frozen and defrost portions as I need it. Does it freeze and defrost OK?

  4. This was absolutely beautiful! I used roasted almonds in the base along with the coconut and maple syrup. The topping is perfect and the turmeric gives it the lovely lemon colour. My family adored it!

  5. Made this for the first time the other day and it was amazing! The mixed nuts I used for the base was a little crumbley so I added a few more dates to ensure it would hold together really well. It came out lovely. Had a few friends over who tried them and they all loved it. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. 🙂

  6. I have made this several times now and always get good feedback. Neighbour of mine has a great producing lime tree and she kindly gives me plenty of them, so have made this with limes and it is so good. Who would know that limes are so versatile, not just good in a corona!

  7. Hi, what can I substitute the coconut oil with? I have already started making it and realise I have none in the cupboard?

  8. Googled Raw Lemon Slice and was so happy to find your website and this recipe, me and the family absolutely loved this slice, so yum and creamy!

  9. Hi there was wondering if this would work in a 20×20 tin? I don’t have 16×25 … Thanks Margi 🙂

  10. This looks ridiculous! In the best way possible!

    Thank you, am keen to create this for my Mum who is ultra fond of creamy pies. Growing up, I loved her lemon tarts though am now not at all keen to chow down on condensed cow’s milk, so this is perfect.

    Thanks again 🙂

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