Chewy Vegan Dog Sweet Potato Treat


  1. Check out the Dr.Pitcairns complete guide to natural health for cats and dogs 4th edition!!

  2. Lil digby says:

    We home cook vegan dog food for our 12week old kelpie pup… he absolutely loves it… I was very worried about getting it wrong, then I found dogsgoplantbased on line…. I paid for the advice of a vet nutritionist and now I know for sure I’m getting it right… I can also feed him Greta vegan dog food when I need convenience. Which he also loves
    I would highly recommend getting advice, especially if you have a growing pup…as they have very breed specific needs.
    I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for 32 years and like you , hesitated in getting a dog due to the meat thing…I’m so glad that finally research is out there for the alternative… Lil n Cosmo 🙏🐶

    1. Hi Lil! Thanks for the resource and for sharing your experience. I think we’ll jump on a call with them to get more knowledge in this area. Kudos for being consistent with meal prep for your pup.

  3. We just recently switched to doing homemade vegan food for our dogs – and honestly, even with all I know about what plant are foods healthy for them – it was scary at first. But we’ve done our homework, and find that rotation of recipes and fruits & vegetables as snacks makes sure that their diet is complete and balanced.

    We just adopted a little Chihuahua who adapted to the vegan food immediately (really surprising because even his treats were meat based before we got him), and our other dog, as well as his brother who lived to 15 1/2yrs ate vegan kibble with plenty of veggies & fruits added their whole lives. Never a single health problem.

    If your puppers doesn’t like vegetables without it being in egg, then I would think that she would probably respond to stronger flavors and/or something with a higher fat content included (healthy Fats of course!)

    You can try mixing in a little bit of raw coconut manna, peanut flour, nutritional yeast or all of the above. They really do not seem to care like we do when things are mixed!

    Sweet potato & pumpkin are also very delicious to dogs, so mixing that in to their food could help as well. The nutrients they can get from real food beats kibble any day, so even if they eat some kibble – incorporating real food is a good thing!

    You can also see what she does or doesn’t like by trying different things- there are a ton of healthy plant-foods for dogs, and even if she doesn’t like all of them- she might like some!

    Hope this helps!

    Also, like the post talked about –

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    I am also feeding my dog with vegan dog food(WildEarth) but he doesn’t seem to like the smell of it so I have to mix one half cooked egg to his food for him to eat it. I am really happy that he is atleast not eating a dead animal’s flesh anymore….I really wish I could substitute something with egg to make him a vegan doggo!

    1. You’re welcome, Anushka. It’s exciting to see the steps you’ve taken with your dog. Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂

  5. Hi Alana, unfortunately, we haven’t developed a consistent habit with DIY food. At this point, Chewy has gotten used to v-dog and is thriving. He’s also picky, so when we make him food, he usually doesn’t eat it. I think there are some DIY recommendations by others in these comments. All the best with your girl!

  6. An Oodle, I googled a vegan Poodle ?

    Just found your story about Chewy being vegan and love it. Thank you!

    After feeding our two dogs raw for years, our 12-year old small Poodle became sensitive/allergic for meat protein. She was itching every free moment. And after many visits to the Vet there was only one solution — medicines the rest of her life. That was the last thing we wanted, but took home medicines for 10 days. In those 10 days i have read hundreds of articles, forums, etc to find an other way, and the last of those days it became clear that the only possible solution was feeding her a plant based diet. In Europe we can’t buy V-Dog so I started with the German brand VeggieDog Grainfree. After 2 months our little Poodle was itching less, but now her ears became smelly and she had started shewing her paws. The grainfree, potatoes based food wasn’t working… Then i bought a bag Yarrah Vega organic, a Dutch brand. A complete organic vegan kibble, two versions: with or without grains. We tried the one with grains. But yes, she is a poodle and a picky eater of course, so we mix a tablespoon organic vegan wet food (from the same brand) in it and then she loved it from the start.
    After two weeks eating this kibble she completely quit itching, nothing, her ears were clean again and chewing paws was also stopped. After 2,5 months all her missing fur (from scratching) was growing back and she now has a healthy skin and shining black curly coat again. But we were also seeing she became more lively, more playful, more happy… Yes, she looks and acts younger than her age. We hope she lives as long as Bramble, 25 is beautiful!

    Anyway, we ditch the animal freezers (with the raw food) and both dogs are eating vegan now. Our Spanish rescue is also doing much better without meat, both are happy and healthy seniors.

    To learn that I make our dog sick with Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, balanced with vegetables and fatty fish was not easy. I believed in it for 14 years! Those 10 days learned me that our dogs are not wolves, that the meat from the meat industry is not the same as wild prey and that residues from hormones, antibiotica and pesticides not belong in dog food.

    From B.A.R.F. to vegan, it is possible! ?

    Greetings from the Netherlands and a hug for Chewy.

  7. Another great article, still doing some research on this that started with my friends dog being diagnosed with IBD.
    I watched the documentary also
    Pet fooled which I already knew about much of this which started with an old documentary “dog eat dog”. In petfooled I saw the integrative vet was feeding her dog Darwin and suggested that to my friend because I believed a meat and vegie diet to be superior. On further research though I’m almost convinced Vegan is fine the problem is the quality of the ingredients and the added supplements that’s causing the issues. Still looking into this though because she has one sick pup and both my friend and I suffer from IBD/IBS too.

    1. Sorry to hear about your friend’s dog. If you find anything interesting, please let us know. Our pup has now been on a vegan diet for over two and a half years and is still thriving.

  8. I will be getting my pup in a month and I wonder if VDog is also good for puppies? I dont see it on their site 🙁

    1. Hi Neemo, sorry, just saw your comment. Hmm, I’m not sure. They do have kibble for small dogs, which we get for our dog, but not sure if it’s suitable for puppies? It might be worth reaching out to them directly for recommendations.

  9. I have done research into the divergence and occasional convergence of dog and wolf and find your article at best, interesting. Wolves are obligate carnivores and dogs are absolutely and with reason classified as facultative carnivores. Unless there is a rare medical reason, dogs by design should have animal protein in their diet. Dogs are more likely to suffer long term effects when not allowed to consume proper protein and notions of “food combining” or additive taurine is not sufficient. Some dogs and by breed are more sensitive to this. Items such as garlic can be a challenge for some dogs in larger quantities and items such as lentils and peas for other dogs may trigger allergies. This is really a practice (forcing a dog to go vegan) to appease our values about ourselves and forcing it upon another species.

    As someone who is a “near” vegetarian, I regard my health needs to be far different than a dog. There is a cruelty in all of this forced vegie/vegan diet being put upon dogs and again, sometimes ends up with catastrophic outcomes.

    1. Hi there, sorry I’m just catching up on comments we missed. I can understand your concerns, and I trust that you have indeed read up on this topic. I’d say that each dog and each case is different. I’ve seen medical conditions where dogs cannot eat meat, and I’m sure there are situations where plants are not suitable. As I mentioned in the article, domesticated dogs are quite different from wolves—to the point where they have evolved to digest and process starches efficiently.

      I hear people use the word cruelty when referring to vegan dogs, but rarely is it acknowledged the devastating brutality of the pet food industry. If we see animals as equal, e.g. a dog is not superior to the horse who was slaughtered for dog food, then a plant-based dog diet is anything but cruel.

      Our dog means the world to us, and we shared our experience to give others an honest insight into our decision-making process. Ultimately we want to do what’s right for our pup, and it’s up to others to decide what’s best for their dog.

  10. Wow, this is one of the most useful comments we’ve ever received on TMV! Thank you for taking the time to not only share your experience regarding raising a vegan dog, but also providing a ton of useful resources for our readers.

  11. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this well-written article! I adopted my furry friend from the shelter a year ago (yesterday exactly) and immediately started her on a mixture of her shelter food with V-Dog. Initially, she liked the fishy food more. Eventually the mix was reduced and V-dog became 100% her dog food. Her feces were green, which caused some concern. But I took her to the vet and told the vet what I had been feeding her. The vet was not vegan, however, she voiced no concern. As long as it was a food I could find at a store or online she she had no concern because all dog food on the market must meet certain health standards. Shortly after, her scat began to brown and harden. So, Taylor continues to chow down on V-Dog and would eat the whole bag at once if I let her!

    Additionally, the vet did recommend flea, tick, and heart worm medication for Taylor’s safety based on where we live. She informed me how most combination medicine have animal products. A topical ointment called Revolution is the medicine I apply on her neck monthly because it goes directly on her skin, animal cruelty-free!

    I was thrilled I could feed my pooch a diet of my ethical standards, so I told whoever! Telling college students your dog is Vegan gets mixed responses. Some gave no hoots while others wanted to argue with only one perspective in mind. My vegan friend gives me the hardest time ironically! But, Taylor is healthy, strong, happy, and beautiful. Her appearance and behavior says it all!

    Vegan dogs are happy dogs. Animals are friends, not food.

    Thanks for caring about a greater purpose.

    1. Wow, Jenna, thank you so much for sharing your experience! There’s so much to learn from Taylor’s transition to a 100% vegan diet. And I also love that you included some cruelty-free self-care information.

      It’s interesting. We’ve also received some constructive criticism from vegans, which was surprising. At the end of the day, if your furry friend is healthy, and you can avoid harming other animals in the process, this is a win!

  12. Sarah Gilson says:

    My dog is not vegan but I understand your frustration. Our rescue was similar she was picky all the time with her food. To the point that on some days she would not eat. We did everything to change it up for her, but still she would refuse to eat. My other half (non vegan) noticed that store bought food (kibble) would cause her stomach to swell and that she would be lethargic after eating, so we explored home made food. I watched a video (vegan one) that talked about the meat that goes into pet foods is the meat that is considered not fit for consumption. We had also seen dogs who loved fruits and veggies as snacks but ours was not one. So we decided to switch and started to make our own dog food (kibble with meat) and we have never had an issue with her eating since. Not only does she love her food we were able to get her to lose weight ! Which the vet praised us for. She is happy health and full of energy… and she now loves her veggies!!! She drools at the sight of steamed broccolli and loves carrots as snacks. She will even do tricks for the kibble we make her, she loves her food that much now we have never had a problem with her not eating again. While she is not vegan (which I struggle with a bit being vegan myself) she is a lot closer then she used to be, and she is 100% healthy in both ours and our vets opinion.

    1. Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. It’s great to see you find a balance with your dogs’ diet, and she’s clearly feeling the benefits. And beyond that, she loves her food! 🙂

  13. Thank you for this article – your journey sounds similar to my own. Converted my 3 year old cavoodle to a home made vegan diet about 4 months ago. Previously he was on raw meat. I found a vegan dog food recipe on the PETA web site which I follow broadly. It’s yet another task to fit into my already fantastically inconvenient lifestyle but does satisfyingly use up lots of excess veggies from the garden. My dog took to it with wild enthusiasm – that could be the peanut butter… He’s full of energy and his coat has improved out of sight – sobsoft and glossy – that peanut butter again… I was concerned about his teeth (poodles are prone to dental problems) so still give him a bone to grind on each week. If anyone can suggest a good vegan dog tooth cleaning alternative I’d love to hear from them.

    1. Hey Joanna, it’s really encouraging to see that you’ve had a similar experience to us. He sounds like a happy Cavoodle! I’m curious to see this recipe you follow. Would you mind sharing the link with us?

  14. When my dog was alive we used to give it a lot of vegetables and some fruits and he lived a really long life (around 19 years) – and I assume that was part of the reason. Although, he did have some meat in his diet… I guess I never really thought about a dog begin vegan or even if it was safe (to be honest, I’ve never researched it). Dogs are natural omnivore’s right? So I guess it could work… although, I’m sure given the chance to consume meat over veg, the dog would go for the meat.
    If you have a dog that gets out of the house, I suppose it could be hard to do. But having a dog that is (mostly) vegan could be doable.
    I’m going to do a bit of research on this… but yeah, but now I just have my rabbit Bugsy! lol

    1. Hi Matt, sorry I’m just catching up on some comments. Nineteen years of life is incredible. It’s hard to attribute diet to the cause, but it’s an interesting assumption. Since publishing this post, Chewy continues to thrive on a vegan diet. We moved in with my in-laws, so he’s tempted by eggs and fish when it’s cooked. The main thing is that he’s healthy. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  15. Hi, we just also adopted a Staffy and will also be bringing him up on a vegan diet. This was very helpful, as we were also torn between our moral compass and what’s best for the dog. We obviously did our research and would never put his health at risk, and this article was an extra comforting and reassuring thing to read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Joanna, kudos to you for finding the balance with you’re newly adopted Staffy. It’s hard because generally, vegans care a lot about animals, so it’s only natural that we put extra pressure on ourselves to do the right thing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  16. Do you really want a vegan pet? Get a rabbit. Imposing our decision and beliefs on other beings is just violence.

    1. Hi Lorenzo, sorry I just saw your comment now. If we can safely have a vegan dog, why wouldn’t we? Also, it’s not fair to impose our beliefs which contribute to billions of animals which die each year for our taste buds. That sounds pretty violent to me ??‍♂️ For example, racehorses, are pushed to their physical brink during their careers then get sent to the slaughterhouse after their retirement and get turned into pet food.

  17. Hi Zoe! Fancy seeing you here.

    This second time around could be so different. How exciting!

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And yes, Chewy is adorable 🙂

  18. Thank you for this inspiring story. We recently adopted a dog, a once-abused Pit Bull, sweet, gentle and desperate to please humans, the first dog to enter our lives since we went vegan almost twenty years ago. I have never had trouble telling the world that I am vegan, but I have been surprised to find myself reluctant to say that I intend to feed my dog a vegan diet. The first time I said it, I was scolded, and the judgment put a dent in my resolve. So I have been fence-straddling with her food: I give her mostly V-Dog or Halo Vegan as her dry food, but I have been mixing some meat-based food (also made by Halo) into it. Unlike your Chewy, our Shelby Lou is a plate-cleaner. She was starving when she was rescued, and all food tastes good to her. But I am determined to stop that mixing. It is hypocritical and makes me worry that by deferring to tribal food norms, which i have happily discarded for myself, I may actually be compromising the quality and length of the life of a dog I intensely love. Your post has given me that much-needed nudge to care for my dog in full harmony with my conscience. Thank you again.

    1. Deborah, wow, what a share! It’s fascinating to see your internal struggle of how to best feed Shelby, especially after being vegan for so long. I’m glad that this post has inspired you to have the confidence to raise your dog in line with your values. It’s a bonus that Shelby loves plant food. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  19. Thank you so much for this article! It is perfect timing 🙂 I am in the midst of transitioning my two, raw fed , dogs to V-Dog. There is so little information in this area. I think the turning point for me, was hearing Dr. Pitcairin’s talk on a vegan diet for dogs. I have a maltipoo and a havanese who actually love veggies. Their various health issues were certainly never helped by their raw diet. It’s a learning process and I am so happy to hear it being discussed!!

    1. Hi Debbie! Glad this post came at a good time for you. I’ve heard of Dr. Pitcairin’s a few times now, so I’m definitely keen to check it out. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  20. Please consider reading Dr Richard Pitcairin’s 4th edition of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. They have included a lot of new and valuable information on the vegan approach. I have also just written about my experience moving from vegan processed food to vegan homemade food. I can highly recommend looking into this option for optimal health.

    1. Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing the book. I can’t say I’ve heard of it before but looking at the description and reviews, it looks like an important read regarding a vegan diet for dogs and cats.

  21. Wow! I was so surprised to see this article in my email today, but a great kind of surprised.
    I’ve actually had so many issues with my lovely 13-month-old Shih Tzu for the past two months after trying to wean her off puppy food and onto a good adult kibble. I tried salmon based food, I tried turkey-based food, and I tried a lamb-based food — all of which are touted as the best foods for a dog her breed. However, all of these foods left her itchy, scratchy, with dull hair, and indigestion. She also had developed a yeast infection which I believe was exacerbated by a certain brand of food, which I will not name here but is highly-advertised at Petco as a “holistic” brand of dog food.

    At my wits’ end, and also just feeling very strongly in my gut that a no-meat diet was going to be the best diet for her, I ended up purchasing a bag of Halo’s vegan dog kibble. My little Olivia was resistant to it at first, but after two weeks she was inhaling the kibble and back to her normal self! I am so happy with the results of her vegan diet (I’ve never given her meaty treats before this either, just dog-safe fruits and veggies as snacks) and I am never feeding her meat-based foods again. I also am glad you guys shared the bit about the oldest dog in the world! I had no idea that a dog could live past the traditional 8-15 years life span that I’ve read about online. Thank you for sharing this and for having common sense to do what’s best for YOUR furbaby.

    1. Hey Melissa! I’m so glad you got a nice surprise in your inbox this week 🙂 We loved hearing about how you transitioned little Olivia to a vegan diet and more importantly, she’s healthy and happy!

  22. What a wonderful article! I have been a vegan for two years and have a 6 year old Japanese Spitz who I feed on a vegan diet. I’ve had a lot of people react badly to the idea of feeding my dog vegan food and people love to comment on how dogs are a carniverous species, which forces me to tell them that they are actually omnivores and repeat the story about the oldest living dog being vegan which usually makes them grumble but shut up in the end.

    I did so much research before transferring my dog to a vegan diet to make sure it was healthy for him – after all it is my choice and not his. But my dog loves vegan food and I feed him vegan pet which I get delivered. Luckily he will eat pretty much everything I give him (except leafy greens – he hates those!) but he is unfortunately a bit of a hunter. He loves to chase possoms, cats, and kangaroos and I once saw him kill a rat in front of me. Needless to say I was very mad at him that day and told him, “Don’t you know you’re a vegan?!”

    In the end, you have to be comfortable with what you feed your dog. It’s not his choice but in the same way we grow up with values embedded in us these are the values I will give to him. As long as its healthy and sustainable for the dog being a vegan, and you pout the time and effort into researching what you are giving them having a vegan pet is a wonderful choice!

    1. Hi Courtney, thank you for sharing your story and for bringing so much passion! Your right in saying that we need to own our decisions once we’ve done the research. Regarding the hunting, animals are going to do what they’re going to do. Chewy isn’t a hunter but he like any dog, he likes to track down bones when we’re out on walks. Thanks again for sharing.

  23. I’ve had a similar journey of overcoming my own fears and at times very hard judgement from (now past) friends when transitioning my four rescue dogs to a vegan diet. Many people simply don’t want to believe it is possible to feed dogs on a carefully designed vegan diet (a) because it makes them somehow feel good about themselves to ffed raw meat (call it the sexy factor) and (b) there are prominent online vets with loud and persistent voices telling folks it’s cruel and harmful to feed vegan. To be sure, these vets have discovered it’ much easier to make a living by working for an online business (e.g., mercola) and perpetuate common main stream ideas, i.e., telling people what they want to hear. You best bet when it comes to animal nutrition is to consult an independent, board certified veterinarian. Tufts university, e.g., has some interesting info. Not tha they advocate for vegan, however, they do confirm (as many other truly science based sources) that it is possible to feed dogs a healthy vegan diet. A major problem with a vegan diet is that many folks feed a home made diet which is almost guaranteed to lack in vital nutrients, regardless of whether its vegan or not. Ive been feeding vegan now for over two years (and Very low meat in the years prior), and my vet, who was sceptical at first has been impressed with my dogs’ health.

    1. Hi Anja, thank you for sharing your experience. It would’ve been tough dealing with all of that judgement when transitioning four dogs. You’re absolutely right about designing a vegan diet for your dog, to ensure they’re getting all of the nutrients that they need. And much like a vegan diet for humans, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there which we all must work through. Thanks again.

  24. I am allergic to both dogs and cats. I have two pet rabbits. Nicholas is a shelter rescue; Daffodil, a county fair “rescue”. She might have been in a stew pot or used for breeding if we didn’t buy her that day. Both are naturally vegan. We share a carrot in the morning. It’s delightful to sit down on the floor with them in the evening and share a basket of fresh berries. Nick is like a cat and is often aloof. Daffodil is social like a dog and is happy to greet me when I get home. Shopping for their produce helps me remember to purchase more for me and avoid becoming a junk food vegan.

    1. Nicholas and Daffodil sound adorable, Rhea! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m sure Daffodil is grateful every day for what you did her.

  25. I don’t have a dog, but I have two cats. I’m vegan, but they’re not. I honestly don’t know if I would ever raise a dog vegan, though. My ideals are mine and mine alone, but that said, I DO agree that the pet food industry is destroying our beloved furry friends. ???? For that reason alone (independent of my personal ethics) I would consider a vegan diet for my cats..and while some cats thrive as vegans, it’s too risky, especially for the males (of which I have one). Until I see very strong CONSISTENT evidence that my babies won’t ever be harmed on a plant-based diet, I have to keep giving them what they’re designed to have as obligate carnivores. I just wish there was a better way that I knew would work for sure, because the pet food industry truly sucks. ????

    1. Hi Joane, I get your internal struggle with this topic. We don’t have cats and haven’t done much research, so I can’t comment on what is optimal for them. There’s a lot of information out there, so it does make it hard to know what is best. It’s not too dissimilar to human nutrition 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  26. Hello!
    I’ve had 3 dogs all raised on vegan foods. They love VDog and I also use Honest Kitchen base mixes to add different flavors and variety for them. Sadly, I be lost 2 of my pack to issues unrelated to their diets, but I see no reason to continue my future pups on a vegan diet. Thank you for touching on the issue of ‘judgement’ from others. I have experienced a little of that, however my dogs’ overall great health and appearance are proof that dogs can thrive on a plant based diet.

    1. Hi hope, thanks for commenting and sharing your experience. Sorry to hear about the loss of dogs. I think you’re spot on. Great health and energy dogs display are strong indicators that a plant-based diet can work.

  27. Very interesting article, I struggle with this same decision. Our 7 month old Labradoodle just went raw. I considered vegan, but there’s new evidence showing heart issues in dogs that go grain free, and they think it has to do with the high use of other carbs. So I’m afraid to try it…

    1. Hi Lyn, I totally understand your concerns. When an animals life is dependant on you, it adds pressure. I would encourage you to continue to do your own research and perhaps introduce some plant-based foods in addition to the raw foods? All the best!

  28. Thank you for this fantastic, informative and encouraging article. We live in Portugal and we have two very happy and healthy vegan dogs, Bunny and Sheba. Bunny does catch the occasional lizard! but she loves the vegan food (mostly home made) . Sheba is a puppy and at the moment we feed her organic eggs we buy in our local market to supplement her vegan food…but your article has encouraged me to slowly wean her off the eggs. We give them both a really good vegan supplement which comes in a powdered form…( I can send details of the German supplier if anyone would like to find out more) and we have introduced them to the vegan kibble, which they like and which makes food preparation less time consuming. Thank you again for your post this morning and for sharing so much of your experiences as minimalist vegans…. Chewy looks really lovely and happy!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Sally. It sounds like Bunny and Sheba live a wonderful life! We would love for you to share your German supplier for vegan supplements. Thanks again.

    2. Hi Sally, thanks for sharing! We are a vegan family, living in the Algarve, and we are in the process of adopting a rescue dog… After watching pet-fooled and reading a lot, we are confident that we want to feed our dog a predominantely vegan diet, maybe with the occasional egg or organic meat, although that part is still an ongoing discussion ;). Do you have experience to share in terms of where to buy vegan dog food in Portugal? We will cook a lot (my wife has a foodblog about sustainable + vegan food), but it would be good to have the option at least to have some more convenient dietary supplements and options, at least once in a while, and for her transition from typical kibble… All help is mucu appreciated! And: great article guys, really wonderful to read your words, they come from the heart, from a place of love… Its so easy to feel that! Justus

      1. Sorry, I missed your comment. I hope you were able to find some options in Portugal. Thank you for your kind words. Also, nice blog! Keep on posting 🙂

  29. Akin to the comments of Bronwyn – wonderful article, resources and above all open honesty. Thank you, the 3 of you 🙂

  30. This is a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the useful resources!

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